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This is our complete JLPT grammar list for all of our Japanese grammar lessons from N5 to N1.

Each lesson is ranked according to appropriate JLPT grammar level and includes the meaning, translation notes, grammar structure, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids and more.

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Japanese grammar list for all JLPT levels

#EnglishJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
601 tamae do~; order somebody to do something N2
602 tame ni for; in order to; for the benefit of; because of; as a result of ~ N3
603 tameshi ga nai is never the case; has never happened; I have never seen or heard of ~ N1
604 tara if; after; when ~ N4
605 tara dou why don't you; how about ~ (used to give advice) N4
606 tara ii desu ka what should I do?; speaker seeking instructions from listener N4
607 tara saigo / taga saigo if you do... negative result N1
608 tara~tade if / in the case... of course / should ~ N1
609 tara~tokoro da if... (counterfactual condition), then would be ~ N1
610 tari tomo not even; not any ~ N1
611 tari~tari do such things as A and B N5
612 taru mono / taru (those) who are; (that) which is; in the capacity of ... should ~ N1
613 tashika ni surely, certainly ~ N3
614 tate just done; freshly done; newly done N3
615 tatoe~temo even if… is the case N3
616 tatoeba for example; for instance ~ N3
617 tatte even if; even though; no matter how ~ N3
618 te / de conjunctive particle; so; because of [A], [B]... N4
619 te ageru to do for; to do a favor N4
620 te aru is/has been done (resulting state) N5
621 te bakari iru only; nothing but ~ N3
622 te bakari wa irarenai can’t keep doing ~ N2
623 te demo even if I have to; by all means ~ N2
624 te goran (please) try to; (please) look N3
625 te hajimete not until; only after [x] did I N3
626 te hoshii I want you to; need you to ~ N4
627 te iku to start; to continue; to go on N4
628 te irai since; henceforth ~ N2
629 te iru ongoing action or current state N5
630 te ita was doing something (past continuous) N4
631 te itadakemasen ka could you please ~ N4
632 te ite wa if one keeps doing ~ N2
633 te kanawanai can't bear to; unable to; troublesome to; can’t stand to ~ N1
634 te kara after doing ~ N5
635 te kara de nai to must first do; cannot do without first doing ~ N3
636 te kara to iu mono ever since ~ N1
637 te koso now that; since (something happened) N2
638 te kudasai please do N5
639 te kureru to do a favor; do something for someone N4
640 te kuru to do… and come back; to become; to continue; to start ~ N4
641 te made even; will go far so as to ~ N2
642 te miru try doing N4
643 te miseru I’ll do my best; I'll definitely do; I'll show you ~ N1
644 te morau to get somebody to do something N4
645 te naranai can't help but; dying to; extremely ~ N2
646 te oku to do something in advance N4
647 te shikaru beki da should; appropriate; it is natural to do ~ N1
648 te shimau / chau to do something by accident, to finish completely N4
649 te shou ga nai/te shikata ga nai can't help but; very; extremely ~ N3
650 te sumimasen I’m sorry for N4
651 te sumu sufficient by; no problem to; resolve by ~ N3
652 te sumu koto dewa nai ~ is not enough to solve the problem; cannot be resolved by ~ N1
653 te tamaranai can't help but; dying to; extremely ~ N2
654 te touzen da natural; as a matter of course N2
655 te wa ikenai must not; may not; cannot N5
656 te wa ikenai kara in order to not~; to prevent a negative situation N3
657 te yamanai always; never stop; can’t help but ~ N1
658 te yaru to do for; to do a favor (casual) N4
659 te yokatta I’m glad that ~ N4
660 teiru baai janai this is no time to be doing ~ N3
661 teiru tokoro in the process of doing N4
662 teki change noun into na-adjective or adverb N3
663 temae considering; before; in front of; one’s standpoint N1
664 temo even; even if; even though ~ N4
665 temo dou ni mo naranai it's no use; can't do anything N1
666 temo hajimaranai even if you... it’s no use; there is no point to ~ N3
667 temo ii desu is OK to ~; is alright to ~; may I ~? N5
668 temo kamawanai it doesn't matter if ~ N3
669 temo sashitsukaenai can ~; it’s okay if ~ (indicates permission or compromise) N1
670 temo shiranai if (you) continue... you'll end up / I don't care about it N1
671 temo shou ga nai / temo shikata ga nai there's no point to~; it's no use to~; it cannot be helped N3
672 tewa / dewa whenever; if; when~; repetitive action N2
673 tewa irarenai can’t afford to; unable to ~ N2
674 tewa naranai must not; cannot; should not ~ N2
675 tewa~tewa repetitive situations/actions N2
676 to and; with; as; connecting particle N5
677 to whenever [A] happens, [B] also happens N4
678 to aimatte together with..., more; because of the influence of..., more ~ N1
679 to areba if it is the case that; if ~ N1
680 to atte due to the fact that; because of ~ N1
681 to bakari ni as if to say; as though~ N1
682 to douji ni at the same time as; while; simultaneously ~ N2
683 to ie domo even if; even though; despite ~ N1
684 to ieba speaking of; when you talk of; when you say; if it were the case that ~ N3
685 to ienaku mo nai one can even say that; it can also be said that ~ N1
686 to ii / tara ii it would be nice if; should; I hope ~ N3
687 to ii~to ii both ... and; not only ... also; whether it be ... or ~ N1
688 to itta like; such as ~ N2
689 to ittara nai extremely; very; nothing more ... than this; as ... as it could possibly be N1
690 to ittemo although I say; although one might say ~ N3
691 to ittemo ii you could say; one might say; I'd say ~ N4
692 to iu called; named; that ~ N4
693 to iu all; every single ~ (no exceptions) N1
694 to iu fuu ni in such a way that ~ N2
695 to iu ka~to iu ka or rather; or perhaps I should say; I mean ~ N1
696 to iu koto convert phrase into noun N4
697 to iu koto da I heard; it means that; in other words ~ N3
698 to iu koto wa that is to say; so that means; in other words ~ N2
699 to iu mono during; for; since; over a period of time N1
700 to iu mono da something like; something called ~ N2

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