JLPT N4 Practice Test – Free Download

JLPT N4 Practice Test – Free Download

On this page, you will find free downloadable files for the official JLPT N4 practice test (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).

JLPT N4 Official Practice Workbook

JLPT N4 practice test 日本語能力試験 公式問題集 cover

This practice test is based off of the actual JLPT test, so it includes each section in full (vocabulary 語彙(ごい), grammar 文法(ぶんぽう), reading 読解(どっかい), listening 聴解(ちょうかい), along with the recommended time allotted for each section.

These files are simply a replication of the JLPT, and NOT a guide or textbook to help you study any particular section.

Therefore, when you use these materials, it’s best (in my opinion) to set down and treat it the same as if you are taking the JLPT test for real.

Study Tip: Treat it like the real JLPT test

jlpt sensei studying for JLPT N4 practice test

That means no phone, no distractions, no snacks (except for the mid-break), and you are ready to give it your all for the entire duration.

Remember, endurance and fatigue are a big part of the JLPT. If you do not practice the strict time conditions of the exam before test time, you may not be able to perform as well as you’d like to.

JLPT N4 Practice Test Files

Below are all of the files you will need to take the N4 practice test. I recommend printing each file first, this way you can take the test away from a computer. Though you will likely need to use a computer to listen to the audio for the listening section..

First, you should download the:

This is the same format you will use to submit your final answers on the JLPT.

Next, here are the files for each individual section. The JLPT N4 is divided into three sections, so it’s a good idea to take breaks in between these sections.

Section 1) Language knowledge (vocabulary)

Section time: 30 minutes

Section 2) Language knowledge (grammar / reading)

Section time: 60 minutes

Section 3) Listening 聴解(ちょうかい)

Section time: 35 minutes

Check Your Test Result


How did you do on the practice test?

Review Your Weak Spots!

After reviewing your score from your practice test, make sure to look at which areas you scored weakest on and make those part of your study schedule before taking the real test.

You can review for different sections by using our study lessons:

Download Our N4 Study Guides!

JLPT-N4-Grammar Master-ebook-文法マスター-preview-shot
JLPT N4 Grammar List Flashcards, Japanese 文法

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Test information and original PDF sources from http://jlpt.jp/e/samples/sample12.html

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