Recommended Resources For Studying Japanese

Here is a list of some of my TOP recommended resources for studying Japanese, most of which I have personally used to become fluent in Japanese.

Recommended Free Websites

Dictionary Websites

  • JishoA great free online dictionary that connects to numerous databases. You can search in Japanese and romaji and the depth of results is amazing!
  • Tanoshii Japanese DictionaryAnother great free online Japanese dictionary. This used to be my main tool until I learned about, but both are great tools!

Grammar Learning Websites

  • Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning JapaneseOne of the best free online Japanese learning resources. What’s even better is that it is built in order, just like a textbook. This website is often referenced in many Japanese language learning forums and is considered to be as good (if not better) than some textbooks.
    Although the online version is free, they have a print version of their lessons / textbook for sale.
  • Maggie SenseiA great resource full of more spoken and slang Japanese expressions, which we don’t really go over here at JLPT Sensei. Lots of great content here, with some tons of ‘colorful’ examples.

Beginner Level

  • Japanese MeowThis is a nicely organized and designed website with lessons targeting beginners of Japanese. There are also interactive games and the author does private skype lessons as well.

Recommended Books 

Books for Learning Japanese

Are you looking for a good starter book for learning Japanese? There are many options, but we recommend the Genki series.

Books for Studying JLPT Grammar

We have many JLPT grammar lessons here on JLPT Sensei, but it is not a complete list. For studying Japanese grammar, we recommend the (nihongo so-matome) series. This, however, only covers from N3 to N1, but it is a GREAT study resource. I aced the N2 grammar section on my first attempt only using this book.

Books for Studying JLPT Reading Comprehension

For this component of the JLPT, we recommend a different series, known as the (Shin Kanzen Master) series. This, however, also only covers from N3 to N1, but it is an EXCELLENT study resource and fully prepares you for the treacherous reading comprehension section of the JLPT.

This is arguable the hardest part of the JLPT for most people, so make sure to pick yourself up a copy of one of these texts.

Recommended Apps / Programs

  • Anki
  • Memrise