How to Pass JLPT N2 – Study Guide

How to Pass JLPT N2 – Study Guide

Welcome to the JLPT N2 study guide page!

The JLPT N2 is the second most advanced level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

To pass the JLPT N2, you need to be able to read 1,000 kanji and know about 6,000 vocabulary words.

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BONUS Downloads

For our supporters on Patreon, we have many extra bonus downloads, including study guides, ebooks, flashcards, etc.

  • Printable N2 Grammar List (PDF)
  • Printable N2 Grammar Flashcards (batch download)
  • E-Book N2 Grammar Master Complete Study Guide (PDF)
  • Printable N2 Kanji List (PDF)
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JLPT N2 Grammar Master [e-book]

Complete Study Guide

JLPT N2 Grammar Master ebook 文法マスター preview shot

This e-book includes every grammar point you need to know in order to pass the JLPT N2, with detailed usage notes and numerous example sentences.

Pages: 417.
Grammar lessons: 195.

  • Preview ebook here.
  • Full ebook download here (Patreon supporters only).

N2 Grammar Flashcards

JLPT N2 Grammar List Flashcards, Japanese 文法

Full Batch Download

Supporters of JLPT Sensei on Patreon can download the batch .zip file, which includes:
  • Print-ready PDF of square flashcards with cut-out guides (see preview)
  • Full set of high quality .png image flashcards
    • JLPT N2 Grammar 文法 square size (195 images)
    • JLPT N2 Grammar 文法 rectangle size (195 images)

Download all flashcard files here.

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