JLPT N1 Grammar List

learn Japanese JLPT N1 grammar list

This is the list of the Japanese grammar rules needed to study for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1.

The JLPT N1 Grammar List lessons are arranged in English romaji alphabetical order.

Click on the lesson link for detailed notes about grammar structure, how-to-use, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids, and more.

JLPT N1 Grammar List
#Grammar LessonGrammar Meaning
1 aete dare to; daringly; deliberately; purposely ~
2 akumade mo to the end; persistently; absolutely; is still very ~
3 an no jou just as one thought; as usual; sure enough
4 arakajime beforehand; in advance; previously​
5 atte no which can exist solely due to the presence of; which owes everything to
6 ba koso only because ~
7 ba sore made da / tara sore made da if… then it’s over
8 bekarazu / bekarazaru must not; should not; do not ~
9 beku in order to; for the purpose of ~
10 beku mo nai cannot possibly be ~
11 beku shite as it is bound to (happen); following the natural course
12 biru / bite / bita to seem to be; to appear; to behave as ~
13 buri / ppuri style; manner; way​
14 buru / butte / butta assuming the air of; behaving like; to pretend / act like ~
15 dani / dani shinai even; not even ~
16 dano~dano and; and the like; and so forth ~
17 darou ni (1) surely..., but ~; although... is likely, ~ (2) should have (regret); might / must have been ~
18 de are / de arou to whoever; whatever; however; even ~
19 de are~de are whether [A] or [B]
20 demo ari~demo aru to also be; both… and ~
21 demo nan demo nai / kumo nan tomo nai not in the least; nothing like that
22 denakute nan darou must be; is definitely ~
23 dewa arumai ka isn't it; I wonder if it’s not ~
24 dewa arumai shi it’s not like; it isn’t as if ~
25 dewa sumanai it doesn’t end with just ~; it will take more than ~
26 dou nimo~nai not … by any means; no matter how hard one tries, cannot ~
27 ga hayai ka no sooner than; as soon as ~
28 ga/mo~nara, ~mo~da negative connection/comparison (like father like son)
29 gamashii look like; sound like; approximate; similar to; somewhat like ~
30 gatera while; on the same occasion; at the same time; coincidentally ~
31 gotoki / gotoku / gotoshi like; as if; the same as ~
32 gurumi together (with); -wide
33 hame ni naru to get stuck with; to end up with (something unpleasant)
34 hodo no koto dewa nai it's not worth; no need to ~
35 hou ga mashi da better than; would rather ~
36 houdai doing as one pleases; to one's heart's content; leaving uncontrolled
37 ikan da / ikan dewa / ikan ni yotte wa in accordance with; depending on; whether or not ~
38 ikan ni kakawarazu / ikan ni yorazu / ikan o towazu regardless of; whether or not; doesn't matter whether ~
39 ikanaru any kind of; every; whatsoever; whatever
40 ikani how; in what way; how much; to what extent

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*NOTE* Officially, there are no kanji, vocabulary, or grammar lists for the JLPT. As a result, it is not possible to be certain which kanji, words, or grammar will or will not appear in a given test. Our study lists are based on prior test data and comparisons with other available lists of JLPT kanji, vocabulary, grammar, etc.