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learn Japanese JLPT N3 grammar list

This is the list of the Japanese grammar rules needed to study for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3.

The JLPT N3 Grammar List lessons are arranged in English romaji alphabetical order.

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jlpt n3 grammar list 文法
#Grammar LessonGrammar Meaning
1 ageru to finish doing
2 amari so much… that
3 amari ni mo too…; so much… that; too much; excessively
4 ba ii should, can, it’d be good if
5 ba yokatta should have, it would have been better if
6 ba~hodo the more… the more
7 bakari only; nothing but
8 bakari de only; just (negative description)
9 bakari denaku not only.. but also; as well as
10 bakari iru only; nothing but; describe repetitive action
11 bakari ka not only.. but also; as well as.
12 beki should do; must do
13 beki dewa nai should not do; must not do
14 betsu ni~nai not really, not particularly
15 chuu / juu during, throughout
16 dakedo however; but
17 darake full of; covered with
18 dokoro ka far from; anything but; let alone; not to mention; much less
19 donna ni~temo no matter how (much)
20 furi o suru to pretend; to act as if
21 futo suddenly; accidentally; unexpectedly; unintentionally
22 gatai very difficult to; impossible to
23 hodo degree; extent; bounds; upper limit
24 hodo~nai is not as… as
25 ikura~temo no matter how
26 ippou da more and more, continue to
27 ippou de on one hand, on the other hand
28 kakeru half-; not yet finished; in the middle of
29 kara~ni kakete from [A] to [B]
30 kawari ni Instead of; in exchange for; in return
31 kekka as a result of; after
32 kesshite~nai never, by no means
33 kirenai being too much to finish or complete
34 kiri only; just
35 kiru to do something completely to the end
36 kke ~?; recalling information; asking for confirmation
37 koso for sure (emphasize preceding word); precisely; definitely
38 koto (must) do
39 koto da should (used for suggestions / advice)
40 koto ka how…!; what…!

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