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This is our complete JLPT grammar list for all of our Japanese grammar lessons from N5 to N1.

Each lesson is ranked according to appropriate JLPT grammar level and includes the meaning, translation notes, grammar structure, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids and more.

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Japanese grammar list for all JLPT levels

#EnglishJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
1 aete dare to; daringly; deliberately; purposely ~ N1
2 ageku to end up; in the end; finally; after all ~ N2
3 ageru to finish doing ~ N3
4 aida while; during; between ~ N4
5 aida ni while; during~ something happened N4
6 akumade mo to the end; persistently; absolutely; is still very ~ N1
7 amari so much… that N3
8 amari ni mo too much; so much… that; excessively ~ N3
9 amari~nai not very, not much ~ N4
10 an no jou just as one thought; as usual; sure enough N1
11 arakajime beforehand; in advance; previously​ N1
12 aruiwa or; either; maybe; perhaps; possibly ~ N2
13 ato de after~; later N4
14 atte no which can exist solely due to the presence of; which owes everything to N1
15 au do something together N3
16 ba conditional form; If [A] then [B] N4
17 ba ii should; can; it’d be good if ~ N3
18 ba koso only because ~ N1
19 ba sore made da / tara sore made da if… then it’s over N1
20 ba yokatta should have; would have been better if ~ N3
21 ba~hodo the more… the more ~ N3
22 ba~noni would have; should have; if only ~ N3
23 baai wa in the event of; in the case that ~ N4
24 bakari only; nothing but ~ N4
25 bakari about, approximately ~ N2
26 bakari da continue to (go in negative direction) N2
27 bakari de only; just ~ (negative description) N3
28 bakari denaku not only... but also; as well as ~ N3
29 bakari ka not only... but also; as well as ~ N2
30 bakari ni simply because; on account of~ (negative result) N2
31 bekarazu / bekarazaru must not; should not; do not ~ N1
32 beki da should do; must do ~ N3
33 beki dewa nai should not do; must not do ~ N3
34 beku in order to; for the purpose of ~ N1
35 beku mo nai cannot possibly be ~ N1
36 beku shite as it is bound to (happen); following the natural course N1
37 betsu ni~nai not really, not particularly N3
38 biru / bite / bita to seem to be; to appear; to behave as ~ N1
39 buri / ppuri style; manner; way​ N1
40 buri ni for the first time in (period of time) N3
41 buru / butte / butta assuming the air of; behaving like; to pretend / act like ~ N1
42 cha ikenai / ja ikenai must not do (spoken Japanese) N5
43 chinamini by the way; in this connection; incidentally; (conjunction) N2
44 chitto mo~nai (not) at all; (not) in the least ~ N2
45 chuu / juu currently; during; at some point; throughout; before the end of ~ N3
46 da / desu to be (am, is, are, were, used to) N5
47 dake only; just; as much as ~ N5
48 dake as much as ~ N3
49 dake atte being the case; precisely because; as expected from ~ N2
50 dake de just by; just by doing N4
51 dake de naku not only… but also ~ N3
52 dake mashi da it’s better than; one should feel grateful for ~ N2
53 dake ni being the case; precisely because; as one would expect N2
54 dake no koto wa aru no wonder; as expected of; not ... for nothing; not ... with nothing to show for it N2
55 dake wa to do all that one can N2
56 dakedo but; however; although; regarding ~ N3
57 dani / dani shinai even; not even ~ N1
58 dano~dano and; and the like; and so forth ~ N1
59 darake full of; covered with; a lot of (something undesirable) N3
60 darou I think; it seems; probably; right? N5
61 darou ni (1) surely..., but ~; although... is likely, ~ (2) should have (regret); might / must have been ~ N1
62 dasu to begin to; to start to; to burst into; ... out (e.g. to jump out, to carry out)​ N4
63 datte because; but; after all; even; too N2
64 de in; at; on; by; with; via ~ N5
65 de are / de arou to whoever; whatever; however; even ~ N1
66 de are~de are whether [A] or [B] N1
67 de gozaimasu to be (honorific) N4
68 de shika nai merely; nothing but; no more than; there is only ~ N2
69 demo but; however; though ~ N5
70 demo ... or something; how about~ N4
71 demo ari~demo aru to also be; both… and ~ N1
72 demo nan demo nai / kumo nan tomo nai not in the least; nothing like that N1
73 denakute nan darou must be; is definitely ~ N1
74 deshou I think; it seems; probably; right? N5
75 dewa arumai ka isn't it; I wonder if it’s not ~ N1
76 dewa arumai shi it’s not like; it isn’t as if ~ N1
77 dewa nai ka right?; isn't it? N4
78 dewa sumanai it doesn’t end with just ~; it will take more than ~ N1
79 dokoro dewa nai not the time for; not the place for; far from; anything but ~ N2
80 dokoro ka far from; anything but; let alone; not to mention; much less ~ N2
81 donna what kind of; what sort of N5
82 donna ni~temo no matter how (much) N3
83 dou nimo~nai not … by any means; no matter how hard one tries, cannot ~ N1
84 dou yara possibly; apparently; seems like; somehow; barely ~ N2
85 douse anyhow; in any case; at any rate; after all; no matter what N2
86 doushite why; for what reason; how N5
87 doushitemo no matter what; at any cost; after all ~ N3
88 douyatte how; in what way; by what means​ N5
89 enai unable to; cannot; it is not possible to ~ N2
90 eru / uru can; to be able to; is possible to ~ N2
91 furi o suru to pretend; to act as if ~ N3
92 futatabi again; once more N2
93 futo suddenly; accidentally; unexpectedly; unintentionally ~ N3
94 fuu ni this way; that way; in such a way; how N2
95 ga subject marker; however; but ~ N5
96 ga arimasu there is; is (non-living things) N5
97 ga hayai ka no sooner than; as soon as ~ N1
98 ga hitsuyou need; necessary N4
99 ga hoshii to want something N5
100 ga imasu there is; to be; is (living things) N5

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