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This is our complete JLPT grammar list for all of our Japanese grammar lessons from N5 to N1.

Each lesson is ranked according to appropriate JLPT grammar level and includes the meaning, translation notes, grammar structure, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids and more.

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Japanese grammar list for all JLPT levels

#EnglishJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
101 katagata while; at the same time; for the purpose of N1
102 katawara while; at the same time; in addition N1
103 kawari ni Instead of; in exchange for; in return N3
104 kedo but; however; although N5
105 kekka as a result of; after N3
106 keredo mo but; however; although N5
107 kesshite~nai never, by no means N3
108 kirenai being too much to finish or complete N3
109 kiri only; just N3
110 kiru to do something completely to the end N3
111 kke ~?; recalling information; asking for confirmation N3
112 koro / goro around; about; when N4
113 koso for sure (emphasize preceding word); precisely; definitely N3
114 koso are although; even though N1
115 koso ga/keredo but; although (emphasis) N1
116 koso sure only the first point is true, the second point cannot be true N1
117 koto (must) do N3
118 koto Verb nominalizer N4
119 koto da should (used for suggestions / advice) N3
120 koto dakara because; since N2
121 koto ga aru there are times when N4
122 koto ga dekiru can; able to N4
123 koto ka how…!; what…! N3
124 koto nashi ni without doing something N1
125 koto ni to my…; ~ly N3
126 koto ni naru It has been decided that..; it turns out that.. N4
127 koto ni natteiru to be expected to; to be scheduled to; it has been decided as a rule that N2
128 koto ni suru to decide on N4
129 koto no nai you ni so as not to; to not N1
130 koto wa nai there is no need to; (something) never happens; there is no possibility that N3
131 ku suru to make something ~ N4
132 kurai / gurai approximately; about; around; to the extent N3
133 kurai nara rather than (do ...)​ N1
134 kurai no mono da only (emphasis) N1
135 kuse ni although; despite; even though N3
136 kyuu ni suddenly N4
137 mada still; not yet N5
138 mada ~te imasen have not yet N5
139 madashimo would be better; better; rather; if it were N2
140 made until ~; as far as ~; to (an extent); even ~ N5
141 made da only; just; nothing else N1
142 made mo nai it is not necessary to~ N1
143 made ni by; by the time; indicates time limit N4
144 mae ni before ~; in front of ~ N5
145 mama as it is; current state; without changing N3
146 mamire covered with; stained; smeared with N1
147 maru de as if, as though N3
148 masen ka would you; do you want to; shall we~ N5
149 mashou let's ~; shall we ~ N5
150 mashouka shall I ~; used to offer help to the listener N5
151 metta ni~nai hardly, rarely, seldom N3
152 mitai da like, similar to, resembling N4
153 mitai na like, similar to N4
154 mitai ni like, similar to N4
155 mo too; also; as well N5
156 mon because; indicates reason or excuse; indicates dissatisfaction N3
157 mono because; indicates reason or excuse; indicates dissatisfaction N3
158 mono da describe feeling; express memories; state fact N3
159 mono dakara so; therefore (explaining something unavoidable) N2
160 mono nara if [A] is possible, then [B]; if one can do something. N2
161 mono to suru shall; to assume; understood as N1
162 mono toshite to assume; to suppose N1
163 mono wo although; but; even though; I wish that N1
164 monono but; although; even though N2
165 moshikashitara perhaps; maybe; perchance; by any chance N3
166 mou already; anymore; again; other N5
167 muke intended for, aimed at N3
168 muki suitable for N3
169 mushiro rather; instead; better N2
170 na don’t ~ (order somebody to not do something) N4
171 na-adjectives na-adjectives N5
172 naa - sentence ending particle sentence ending particle N5
173 nado such as, things like N4
174 nagara while; during; as; simultaneously N4
175 nagara mo but; although; despite N3
176 nai koto wa nai can; is not impossible N3
177 nai made mo even if [A] is not done, then [B] N1
178 naide without doing~ ; To do [B] without doing [A] N5
179 naide kudasai please don't do N5
180 nakanaka quite~; pretty~; rather~; just not ~ N3
181 nakanaka~nai not easy to; struggling to; not able to~ N4
182 nakereba ikenai must do something; have to do something N4
183 nakereba naranai must do something; have to do something N4
184 naku temo ii don't have to N5
185 nakucha must do N5
186 nakushite without N1
187 nakute wa ikenai must do N5
188 nakute wa naranai must do N5
189 nami same level as; equal to; on par with​; each; row of N1
190 nanka; nante; nado Expresses an emphasis of an unexpected feeling or a negative feeling. Usually followed by more negative words. N3
191 nara if; in the case that ~ N4
192 nara dewa distinctive of~; special to~ N1
193 nari as soon as N1
194 nari ni / nari no In one's own way/style N1
195 nari tomo at least; even a little N1
196 nari~nari or N1
197 naru to become N5
198 naru beku as much as possible N3
199 nasai do this (soft/firm command) N4
200 nasaru to do (honorific) N4

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