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This is our complete JLPT grammar list for all of our Japanese grammar lessons from N5 to N1.

Each lesson is ranked according to appropriate JLPT grammar level and includes the meaning, translation notes, grammar structure, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids and more.

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Japanese grammar list for all JLPT levels

#EnglishJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
101 ga kikkake de / o kikkake ni with… as a start; as a result of; taking advantage of ~ N2
102 ga suru to smell; hear; taste N4
103 ga/mo~nara, ~mo~da negative connection/comparison (like father like son) N1
104 gachi tend to; tendency to; frequently; often; to do something easily N3
105 gamashii look like; sound like; approximate; similar to; somewhat like ~ N1
106 gari personality (someone tends to; has a tendency to; has a sensitivity to ~) N4
107 garu / gatteiru to show signs of; to appear; to feel, to think ~ N4
108 gatai very difficult to; hard to ~ N3
109 gatera while; on the same occasion; at the same time; coincidentally ~ N1
110 ge looks like; seems like; appears to ~ N2
111 gimi -like; -looking; -looked; tending to ~ N3
112 goto ni each; every; at intervals of ~ N3
113 gotoki / gotoku / gotoshi like; as if; the same as ~ N1
114 gozaimasu to be, to exist (the polite form of いる/ある) N4
115 gurumi together (with); -wide N1
116 gyaku ni conversely; on the contrary ~ N2
117 hajimeru to start; to begin to ~ N4
118 hame ni naru to get stuck with; to end up with (something unpleasant) N1
119 hanmen while, although; on the other hand~ N2
120 hatashite as was expected; sure enough; really; actually ~ N2
121 hazu da it must be; it should be (expectation) N4
122 hazu ga nai cannot be (impossible) N4
123 hitsuyou ga aru need to; it is necessary to N4
124 hodo degree; extent; bounds; upper limit N3
125 hodo no koto dewa nai it's not worth; no need to ~ N1
126 hodo~nai is not as… as ~ N3
127 hou ga ii had better; it'd be better to; should ~ N5
128 hou ga mashi da better than; would rather ~ N1
129 houdai doing as one pleases; to one's heart's content; leaving uncontrolled N1
130 i-adjectives i-adjectives N5
131 ichiban the most; the best N5
132 ichido ni all at once N3
133 ichiou more or less; pretty much; roughly; tentatively ~ N2
134 igai with the exception of; excepting ~ N2
135 ijou ni more than; not less than; beyond ~ N2
136 ijou wa because; since; seeing that ~ N2
137 ikan da / ikan dewa / ikan ni yotte wa in accordance with; depending on; whether or not ~ N1
138 ikan ni kakawarazu / ikan ni yorazu / ikan o towazu regardless of; whether or not; doesn't matter whether ~ N1
139 ikanaru any kind of; every; whatsoever; whatever N1
140 ikani how; in what way; how much; to what extent N1
141 ikani mo indeed; really; truly; just (like); very; extremely ~ N1
142 ikinari abruptly; suddenly; all of a sudden; without warning N2
143 ikki ni in one go; without stopping; all at once; immediately; instantly; right away ~ N2
144 ikou kei - volitional form volitional form​; let's do ~ N4
145 ikura~temo no matter how ~ N3
146 ippou da more and more; continue to ~ N3
147 ippou de on one hand, on the other hand; although ~ N2
148 irassharu to be; to come; to go (polite version) N4
149 issho ni together N5
150 itashimasu to do (polite form of する) N4
151 itsumo always; usually; habitually N5
152 ittai emphasis; what on earth; what in the world N3
153 iwayuru what is called; as it is called; the so-called; so to speak​ N2
154 iyoiyo at last; finally; beyond doubt N2
155 izure ni shitemo / izure ni shiro / izure ni seyo anyhow; anyway; either way; in any case ~ N1
156 janai maybe; most likely; confirmation of information; express surprise towards listener N3
157 janai / dewa nai to not be (am not; is not; are not) N5
158 janai ka right? isn't it? let's~; confirmation N4
159 jimita to become; to appear like; to look like; tainted with ~ N1
160 jou for the sake of; from the standpoint of; as a matter of; in terms of ~ N2
161 ka question particle N5
162 ka dou ka whether or not ~ N4
163 ka ina ka whether or not ~ N1
164 ka nani ka or something ~ N3
165 ka no you ni as if; just like ~ N2
166 ka shira I wonder (feminine) N4
167 ka to omoikiya contrary to expectations; or so we thought, but ~ N1
168 ka to omottara just when; no sooner than ~ N2
169 ka~ka or N5
170 ka~nai ka no uchi ni just as; right after; as soon as ~ N2
171 kaette on the contrary; rather; all the more; surprisingly ~ N2
172 kagiri as long as; while… is the case; as far as; while ~ N2
173 kagiri da to feel strongly N1
174 kai turns a sentence into a yes/no question N4
175 kai ga aru it’s worth one’s efforts to do something N2
176 kai mo naku despite; even though ~ N1
177 kakeru half-; not yet finished; in the middle of~ N3
178 kamo shirenai might; perhaps; indicates possibility N4
179 kana I wonder; should I? N4
180 kanenai (someone) might do something; something might happen N2
181 kaneru unable to do something; can’t do something N2
182 kanousei ga aru may/might; there’s a possibility that ~ N1
183 kara because; since; from N5
184 kara aru / kara suru / kara no at least; as much as; as many as ~ N1
185 kara iu to in terms of; from the point of view of ~ N2
186 kara koso precisely because ~ N2
187 kara miru to from the point of view of; by the look of; judging from ~ N2
188 kara niwa now that; since; so long as; because ~ N2
189 kara shite judging from; based on; since; from; even ~ N2
190 kara suru to / kara sureba judging from; considering; by the look of ~ N2
191 kara to itte just because; even if; even though ~ N2
192 kara tsukuru made from; made with N4
193 kara~ni kakete through; from [A] to [B] N3
194 kare~kare sooner or later; more or less N1
195 kata the way of doing something; how to do ~ N5
196 katagata while; at the same time; incidentally; for the purpose of ~ N1
197 katawara while; besides; at the same time; in addition N1
198 katsute once; before; formerly; ever; former; ex- N1
199 kawari ni instead of; as a substitute for​; in exchange for; in return for N3
200 kedo but; however; although ~ N5

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