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This is our complete JLPT grammar list for all of our Japanese grammar lessons from N5 to N1.

Each lesson is ranked according to appropriate JLPT grammar level and includes the meaning, translation notes, grammar structure, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids and more.

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Japanese grammar list for all JLPT levels

#EnglishJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
301 moshimo~tara if; in the case; supposing ~ N3
302 motto mo but then; although; though ~ N2
303 mou already; anymore; again; other N5
304 mou sukoshi de almost; nearly, close to ~ N2
305 muke intended for; aimed at ~ N3
306 muki suitable for ~ N3
307 mushiro rather; instead; better ~ N3
308 n bakari ni as if; as though ~ N1
309 n ga tame ni in order to ~ N1
310 na don’t ~ (order somebody to not do something) N4
311 na-adjectives na-adjectives N5
312 naa sentence ending particle; confirmation; admiration, etc N5
313 nado such as; things like ~ N4
314 nagara while; during; as; simultaneously N4
315 nagara mo but; although; despite ~ N3
316 nagara ni / nagara no while; during; without change; performed in this condition N1
317 nai dewa irarenai can’t help but feel; can’t help but do ~ N2
318 nai koto niwa~nai unless you ~ N2
319 nai koto wa nai can do; is not impossible to ~ N3
320 nai made mo not to say; although it does not reach the level of ~ N1
321 nai mono demo nai is not entirely impossible N1
322 nai mono ka / nai mono darou ka isn't there; can’t we…?; can’t I…? N1
323 nai tomo kagiranai not necessarily; I can't say that; maybe; might ~ N1
324 naide without doing ~; to do [B] without doing [A] N5
325 naide kudasai please don't do ~ N5
326 naito must do; unless/if you don't ~ N3
327 naito ikenai must do; have an obligation to do ~ N5
328 naka o / naka dewa in; on; in the midst of; when; while ~ N2
329 nakanaka very; quite; pretty; rather; just not ~ N3
330 nakanaka~nai not easy to; struggling to; not able to ~ N4
331 nakereba ikenai must do something; have to do something N4
332 nakereba naranai must do something; have to do something N4
333 naku temo ii don't have to N5
334 naku wa nai / naku mo nai it’s not that; I may (double negative) N2
335 nakucha must do; need to; gotta do ~ N5
336 nakushite wa cannot do without ~ N1
337 nakute sumu get by without doing ~ N2
338 nakute wa ikenai must do; need to do N5
339 nakute wa naranai must do; need to do ~ N5
340 nami average; ordinary; same level as; equal to; on par with ~ N1
341 nan to iu / nanto / nante how (beautiful, etc.); what a ~ N1
342 nani mo~nai nothing; (not) ~ at all; there’s no need to ~ N2
343 nani shiro at any rate; after all; anyhow; anyway; in any case; because; as you know ~ N1
344 nanka / nante / nado give examples; show modesty; make light of ~ N3
345 nao still; yet​; furthermore; in addition ~ N2
346 naosu to do something again; to do over N3
347 nara if; in the case that ~ N4
348 nara dewa distinctive of; uniquely applying to; special to ~ N1
349 nara iza shirazu / wa iza shirazu I don't know about ... but; it may be possible for ... but ~ N1
350 nari as soon as; right after ~ N1
351 nari ni / nari no suitable; in one's own way/style N1
352 nari tomo at least; even just a little (adverbial particle) N1
353 nari~nari [A] or [B] or something; for instance ~ N1
354 naru to become N5
355 naru beku as much as possible N3
356 nasai do this (soft/firm command) N4
357 nasaru to do (honorific) N4
358 nashi ni / nashi de without; without doing ~ N1
359 nazenara because; the reason is; if you want to know why N3
360 ndatte I hear that; heard that ~ N3
361 ndesu to explain something; show emphasis N5
362 ne isn't it? right? eh? N5
363 neba naranai have to do; must; should ~ N2
364 ni destination particle; in; at; on; to N5
365 ni and; in addition to; the combination of ~ N1
366 ni atai suru to be worth; to be worthy of; to deserve; to merit​ ~ N1
367 ni atatte at the time; on the occasion of ~ N2
368 ni atte at; on; during; in the condition of​ ~ N1
369 ni chigai nai I’m sure/ certain; no doubt that ~ N3
370 ni hanshite against; contrary to; in contrast to ~ N3
371 ni hikikae compared to; in contrast to; unlike; while; whereas ~ N1
372 ni hoka naranai nothing but; none other than ~ N2
373 ni iku go to do ~ N5
374 ni itaru / ni itatta leads to; come to a conclusion N1
375 ni itaru made as far as; up until; everything from ... to ~ N1
376 ni itattemo even if; even though; although something reached the point ~ N1
377 ni ittate wa when it comes to; as for ~ N1
378 ni iwasereba if you ask; if one may say ~ N1
379 ni kagirazu not just; not only... but also ~ N2
380 ni kagiru is best; nothing is better than ~ N2
381 ni kagitta koto dewa nai not limited to only ~ N1
382 ni kagitte only; in particular ~ N2
383 ni kakatte wa / ni kakattara / ni kakaru to / kakareba when handled by (N), becomes a completely different result N1
384 ni kakatteiru depending on; to depend on; whether or not N1
385 ni kakawarazu in spite of; regardless of ~ N2
386 ni kakawaru to relate to; to have to do with; relating to ~ N2
387 ni kakete over (a period); through; concerning; regarding ~ N3
388 ni kako tsukete to use as a pretext; to use as an excuse N1
389 ni kamakete to be too busy; to focus / concentrate only on ~ N1
390 ni kan suru / ni kan shite about; regarding; related to ~ N3
391 ni katakunai easy to do; it’s not hard to (imagine, understand, guess) N1
392 ni kawatte / ni kawari instead of; replacing; on behalf of ~ N3
393 ni ki ga tsuku to notice; to realize N4
394 ni kimatte iru certainly; I’m sure/certain that; it must be the case that ~ N2
395 ni koshita koto wa nai it’s best that, there’s nothing better than ~ N2
396 ni kotaete in response to ~ N2
397 ni kurabete compared to; in comparison to ~ N3
398 ni kuwaete in addition ~ N2
399 ni matsuwaru to be related to; to concern; associated with ~ N1
400 ni mieru to look; to seem; to appear N4

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