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This is our complete JLPT grammar list for all of our Japanese grammar lessons from N5 to N1.

Each lesson is ranked according to appropriate JLPT grammar level and includes the meaning, translation notes, grammar structure, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids and more.

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Japanese grammar list for all JLPT levels

#EnglishJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
301 tara~tade whether or not N1
302 tari tomo (not) even; (not) any N1
303 tari~tari do such things as A and B N5
304 taru (those) who are; (that) which is; N1
305 tashika ni surely, certainly N3
306 tatoe~temo even if… is the case N3
307 tatoeba for example N3
308 te ageru to do for; to do a favor N4
309 te aru is/has been done (resulting state) N5
310 te bakari wa irarenai can’t keep doing something N2
311 te demo even if I have to..; by all means N2
312 te goran (please) try to; (please) look N3
313 te hajimete not until; only after [x] did I N3
314 te hoshii I want you to; need you to~ N4
315 te iku to start; to continue; to go on N4
316 te irai since N2
317 te iru ongoing action or current state N5
318 te ita was doing something (past continuous) N4
319 te itadakemasen ka could you please N4
320 te kara after doing~ N5
321 te koso now that; since (something happened) N1
322 te kudasai please do N5
323 te kureru to do a favor; do something for someone N4
324 te kuru to do… and come back; to become; to continue; to start N4
325 te made even N1
326 te miru try doing N4
327 te moraitai to express desire/want for something N3
328 te morau to get somebody to do something N4
329 te oku to do something in advance N4
330 te shimau to do something by accident, to finish completely N4
331 te shou ga nai/te shikata ga nai can't help but~; very; extremely N2
332 te sumimasen I’m sorry for N4
333 te tamaranai can't help but do; dying to do; extremely N2
334 te wa ikenai must not; may not; cannot N5
335 te yaru to do for; to do a favor (casual) N4
336 te yokatta I’m glad that.. N4
337 teiru tokoro in the process of doing N4
338 temo even; even if; even though N4
339 temo even; even if; even though N5
340 temo ii desu is OK to..; is alright to..; may I..? N5
341 temo kamawanai it doesn't matter if ~ N3
342 tewa / dewa if; since; indicate repeating action N1
343 tewa~tewa repetitive / consecutive action N1
344 to and; with; as N5
345 to areba if; if it is the case that N1
346 to atte because of; due to the fact N1
347 to douji ni at the same time as; while; simultaneously N2
348 to ie domo even; even if N1
349 to ieba speaking of; when you talk of; when you say; if it were the case that… N3
350 to ii it would be nice if; should; I hope N3
351 to ii~to ii and; or; both; regarding N1
352 to ittemo although I say; although one might say N3
353 to ittemo ii you could say; one might say N4
354 to iu It is said; called thus N3
355 to iu ka or more precisely; or rather N1
356 to iu ka~to iu ka not sure whether [A] or [B] N1
357 to iu koto da I heard; It means that; It seems that N3
358 to iu mono during/over a period of time; since; after N1
359 to iu mono da something like~; something called~ N2
360 to iu nowa means; the meaning of … is; because; that is to say N3
361 to iu to speaking of; when you talk of; when you say.. N3
362 to iu tokoro da about; approximately N1
363 to iu wake da this means; this is why; it is the case that N1
364 to iu wake dewa nai it’s not that; it doesn’t mean that N1
365 to iu yori rather than N3
366 to iwazu not only; both (without distinction) N1
367 to mieru it seems that.. N4
368 to mirareru regarded as; appears/expected to.. N1
369 to miru to upon realizing N1
370 to naru to / to nareba once/when something happens N1
371 to omoikiya To think [A], but [B] N1
372 to omou to think…; I think…; you think… N4
373 to sareru is considered to.. N1
374 to shitatte even if.. N1
375 to sureba / to shitara / to suru to in the case of..; assuming.. N3
376 to tomo ni together with; at the same time as; as well as N3
377 tochuu de / tochuu ni on the way; in the middle of N3
378 toka I heard that N2
379 toka~toka among other things; such as; like N4
380 toki when; at this time N5
381 tokoro just about to; on the verge of doing something N4
382 tokoro datta was just about to do something, something almost happened N2
383 tokoro de by the way N3
384 tokoro ga even so; however; even though N3
385 tokoro wo although/despite a certain time/situation N1
386 tomo even if; no matter N2
387 tomo arou of all people (expression showing surprise at a high standing person's misbehavior) N1
388 tomo~tomo unable to draw a conclusion; unable to judge N1
389 tomonaku uncertainty; lack of intent N1
390 tono koto da I'm told; passing on a message N1
391 toori in the same way as; in the way; as N3
392 toshite as (i.e. in the role of) N3
393 toshitemo assuming; even if N2
394 totan just as; in the act of; simultaneous action N3
395 towa indicates word or phrase being defined​ with emphasis/surprise N1
396 towa kagiranai not necessarily so; is not always true N3
397 towaie although; nonetheless; be that as it may N1
398 tsu~tsu two contrasting actions N1
399 tsuide ni Taking the opportunity while doing something; incidentally. N3
400 tsumari in other words; in summary; in short N3

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