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This is our complete JLPT grammar list for all of our Japanese grammar lessons from N5 to N1.

Each lesson is ranked according to appropriate JLPT grammar level and includes the meaning, translation notes, grammar structure, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids and more.

You can also click on the level to see a list of grammar lessons for that level only.

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Japanese grammar list for all JLPT levels

#EnglishJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
301 ni oite in; at (place); regarding; as for; in relation to~ N3
302 ni okeru in; at (place); regarding; as for; in relation to~ N3
303 ni oujite depending on; in accordance with N2
304 ni saishite on the occasion of; at the time of N2
305 ni sakidachi before; prior to N2
306 ni seyo/ ni shiro even if; regardless; whether... or N2
307 ni shiro~ni shiro whether… or… N2
308 ni shitagatte as; therefore; in accordance with; according to; consequently N3
309 ni shitara / ni sureba from one’s perspective; from the point of view of N2
310 ni shite only; just because; although; even; at (place, time); in (time span) N1
311 ni shite mo even if; even though; regardless of N3
312 ni shite wa for; considering it’s (something or someone) N3
313 ni shitemo~ni shitemo regardless of whether~ N3
314 ni sotte along with; in accordance with N2
315 ni soui nai without a doubt; certain; sure N2
316 ni suginai no more than; just; merely; only N2
317 ni suru to make something ~ N4
318 ni suru to decide on N5
319 ni taishite in contrast to; while; in regard to N3
320 ni totte to; for; concerning; N3
321 ni tsuite concerning; regarding; about; on N3
322 ni tsuke every time; whenever; as; whether; in (either case)​ N2
323 ni tsuki due to; because of; per; each N2
324 ni tsurete / ni tsure as; in proportion to; with; as… then… N3
325 ni watatte throughout; over a period of N3
326 ni yoru to / ni yoreba according to N3
327 ni yotte / ni yoru by means of; due to; owing to; because of N3
328 ni/e to (indicates direction / destination) N5
329 nikui difficult to do N4
330 nimo kakawarazu despite; in spite of; nevertheless; although N2
331 nite in, at, with, by (formal) N2
332 no possessive particle N5
333 no desu to explain something; show emphasis N5
334 no ga heta to be bad at doing something N5
335 no ga jouzu to be good at N5
336 no ga suki to like doing something N5
337 no moto de under N2
338 no naka de in, among N4
339 no naka de [A] ga ichiban out of this group, [A] is best N5
340 no yara; mono yara; koto yara I wonder..; unsure N1
341 no yara~no yara contemplating two opposing choices N1
342 node because of; given that; since N5
343 nominarazu not only; besides; as well N2
344 noni although, in spite of, even though N4
345 noni to (do something); in order to N4
346 nowa~da [A] is [B]; the reason for [A] is [B] N4
347 nu negative verb conjugation; traditional version of ない N2
348 nuki ni shite / nuki de without; leaving out; cutting out N2
349 o / wo object marker particle N5
350 o chuushin ni focused on, centered on N3
351 o hajime for example; starting with N3
352 o kikkake ni with… as a start; as a result of; taking advantage of N3
353 o komete filled with; full of N3
354 o kudasai please give me~ N5
355 o megutte concerning; in regard to N2
356 o moto ni based on; from N2
357 o nozoite except; with the exception of; excluding N2
358 o towazu regardless of N2
359 o tsuujite / o tooshite through; via; throughout; by N2
360 o~kudasai please do (honorific) N4
361 o~ni naru to do (honorific) N4
362 okage de Expresses a good result for the speaker, usually also expressing thanks or gratitude. N3
363 oki ni repeated at intervals, every N4
364 osoraku perhaps; likely; probably; I dare say N2
365 owaru to finish; to end N4
366 ppanashi leaving something in an improper state; leaving on/in use N3
367 ppoi -ish; -like N2
368 rareru potential form; able to do something N4
369 rashii it seems like; I heard; apparently~ N4
370 sa -ness​ ; nominalizer for adjective N4
371 sae even; so much as; not even N3
372 sae~ba if only; as long as N3
373 sai ni at the time of; in the case of. N2
374 saichuu ni while; during; in the middle of N3
375 sakki some time ago; just now N4
376 sara ni furthermore; again; more and more N2
377 saserareru causative-passive; to be made to do something N4
378 saseru causative form; to make/let somebody do something N4
379 sasete kudasai please let me do N4
380 sasuga as one would expect; as is to be expected; even N4
381 sei; seide; seika Places blame to something/someone else. N3
382 seizei at the most; at best; to the utmost N3
383 semete at least; at most N2
384 shi and; and what’s more; emphasis N4
385 shidai as soon as, dependent upon N2
386 shidai de depending on; so N2
387 shikamo moreover; furthermore; and yet; what’s more N2
388 shikanai have no choice but N3
389 shikashi but; however N5
390 soba kara as soon as N1
391 sonnna ni so much; so; like that N4
392 sono tame ni hence; for that reason; because of.. N3
393 sore demo but still; and yet; even so N4
394 sore na noni and yet; despite this; but even so N2
395 sore nara if that’s the case; if so N2
396 soretomo or; or else N3
397 sou da [1] I heard that; it is said that N4
398 sou da [2] looks like; appears like N4
399 sou ieba come to think of it…; now that you mention it… N2

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