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This is our complete JLPT grammar list for all of our Japanese grammar lessons from N5 to N1.

Each lesson is ranked according to appropriate JLPT grammar level and includes the meaning, translation notes, grammar structure, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids and more.

You can also click on the level to see a list of grammar lessons for that level only.

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Japanese grammar list for all JLPT levels

#EnglishJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
201 de shika nai merely; nothing but; no more than; there is only~ N2
202 demo ... or something; how about~ N4
203 demo but; however; though~ N5
204 deshou I think; it seems; probably; right? N5
205 dewa nai ka right?; isn't it? N4
206 dokoro dewa nai not the time for; not the place for; far from; anything but~ N2
207 dokoro ka far from; anything but; let alone; not to mention; much less~ N2
208 donna what kind of; what sort of N5
209 donna ni~temo no matter how (much) N3
210 donna ni~uga/uto(mo) Now matter how/what; even if N1
211 dou yara possibly; apparently; seems like; somehow; barely~ N2
212 douse anyhow; in any case; at any rate; after all; no matter what N2
213 doushite why; for what reason; how N5
214 doushitemo no matter what; at any cost; after all~ N3
215 douyatte how; in what way; by what means​ N5
216 enai unable to; cannot; it is not possible to~ N2
217 eru / uru can; to be able to; is possible to~ N2
218 furi o suru to pretend; to act as if~ N3
219 futatabi again; once more N2
220 futo suddenly; accidentally; unexpectedly; unintentionally~ N3
221 fuu ni this way; that way; in such a way; how N2
222 ga subject marker; however; but~ N5
223 ga arimasu there is; is (non-living things) N5
224 ga hayai ka as soon as~ N1
225 ga hitsuyou need; necessary N4
226 ga hoshii to want something N5
227 ga imasu there is; to be; is (living things) N5
228 ga kikkake de/ o kikkake ni with… as a start; as a result of; taking advantage of~ N2

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