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This is our complete JLPT grammar list for all of our Japanese grammar lessons from N5 to N1.

Each lesson is ranked according to appropriate JLPT grammar level and includes the meaning, translation notes, grammar structure, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids and more.

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Japanese grammar list for all JLPT levels

#EnglishJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
201 nashi ni without N1
202 nazenara because N3
203 ndatte I hear that (using quote) N3
204 ndesu to explain something; show emphasis N5
205 ne isn't it? right? eh? N5
206 ni in; at; on; to N5
207 ni atatte at the time; on the occasion of N2
208 ni atte at; on; during; in the condition of​ N1
209 ni chigai nai I’m sure..; no doubt that.. N3
210 ni iku go to do N5
211 ni iwasereba if you ask...; if one may say... N1
212 ni kagiru is best; nothing is better than~ N2
213 ni kagitta koto de wa nai not limited to only~ N1
214 ni kakete over (a period), through, concerning N3
215 ni kan suru / ni kan shite about; regarding; related to N3
216 ni kawari instead of N3
217 ni kawatte instead of; replacing; on behalf of N3
218 ni kurabete compared to, in comparison to N3
219 ni mieru to look; to seem; to appear N4
220 ni oite in; at (place); regarding; as for; in relation to~ N3
221 ni okeru in; at (place); regarding; as for; in relation to~ N3
222 ni saishite on the occasion of; at the time of N2
223 ni seyo/ ni shiro even if; regardless; whether... or N2
224 ni shite only; even; at (place, time); in (time span) N1
225 ni shite mo even if; even though; regardless of N3
226 ni shite wa for; considering it’s (something or someone) N3
227 ni shitemo~ni shitemo regardless of whether~ N3
228 ni suru to make something ~ N4
229 ni suru to decide on N5
230 ni taishite in contrast to; while; in regard to N3
231 ni totte to; for; concerning; N3
232 ni tsuite concerning; regarding; about; on N3
233 ni tsurete / ni tsure as; in proportion to; with; as… then… N3
234 ni yoru to / ni yoreba according to N3
235 ni yotte / ni yoru by means of; due to; owing to; because of N3
236 ni/e to (indicates direction / destination) N5
237 nikui difficult to do N4
238 no - possessive particle possessive particle N5
239 no desu to explain something; show emphasis N5
240 no ga heta to be bad at doing something N5
241 no ga jouzu to be good at N5
242 no ga suki to like doing something N5
243 no naka de in, among N4
244 no naka de [A] ga ichiban out of this group, [A] is best N5
245 no yara; mono yara; koto yara I wonder..; unsure N1
246 no yara~no yara contemplating two opposing choices N1
247 node because of; given that; since N5
248 noni although, in spite of, even though N4
249 noni to (do something); in order to N4
250 nuki ni shite / nuki de without; leaving out; cutting out N2
251 o chuushin ni focused on, centered on N3
252 o hajime for example; starting with N3
253 o~kudasai please do (honorific) N4
254 o~ni naru to do (honorific) N4
255 okage de Expresses a good result for the speaker, usually also expressing thanks or gratitude. N3
256 oki ni repeated at intervals, every N4
257 osoraku perhaps; likely; probably; I dare say N2
258 owaru to finish; to end N4
259 ppanashi Leaving something in an improper state; leaving something on; leaving something still in use; N3
260 ppoi -ish; -like N2
261 rareru able to do something N4
262 rashii it seems like; I heard; apparently~ N3
263 sa -ness​ ; nominalizer for adjective N4
264 sae even; so much as; not even N3
265 sae~ba if only; as long as N3
266 sai ni at the time of; in the case of. N2
267 saichuu ni while; during; in the middle of N3
268 sakki some time ago; just now N4
269 saserareru (passive causative) to be made to do something (passive causative) N4
270 saseru to make/let somebody do something N4
271 sei; seide; seika Places blame to something/someone else. N3
272 shi and; and what’s more N4
273 shikanai have no choice but N3
274 shikashi but; however N5
275 soba kara as soon as N1
276 sonnna ni so much; so; like that N4
277 sono tame ni hence; for that reason; because of.. N3
278 sore demo but still; and yet; even so N4
279 sou da looks like; appears like N4
280 sou da I heard that; it is said that N4
281 sou mo nai very unlikely to N3
282 sou ni / sou na seems like; looks like N4
283 sugiru too much N5
284 sura / de sura even (with emphasis) N1
285 ta bakari just finished; something just occurred N4
286 ta koto ga aru to have done something before N5
287 ta koto ni shite expresses a decision or news that does not reflect the truth N1
288 ta tokoro just finished doing, was just doing N4
289 ta tokoro de even if.. N1
290 tabi ni Each time; every time; whenever (something happens). N3
291 tadoushi & jidoushi - transitive & intransitive verbs Transitive & Intransitive Verbs N4
292 taga saigo once [A] occurs, [B] happens N1
293 tagaru want to do~ (third person) N4
294 tai want to do something N5
295 tame ni for; in order to; for the benefit of; because of; as a result of N3
296 tara if, after, when N4
297 tara dou why don't you N4
298 tara ii it would be nice if; should; I hope N3
299 tara ii desu ka what should I do?; speaker seeking instructions from listener N4

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