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This is our complete JLPT grammar list for all of our Japanese grammar lessons from N5 to N1.

Each lesson is ranked according to appropriate JLPT grammar level and includes the meaning, translation notes, grammar structure, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids and more.

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Japanese grammar list for all JLPT levels

#EnglishJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
201 kyuu ni quickly; immediately; hastily; suddenly; abruptly; unexpectedly~ N4
202 mada still; not yet N5
203 mada ~te imasen have not yet~ N5
204 madashimo rather; better​~ N2
205 made until; as far as; to (an extent); even~ N5
206 made da only; just; nothing else N1
207 made mo nai it is not necessary to~ N1
208 made ni by; by the time; indicates time limit N4
209 mae ni before; in front of~ N5
210 mai will not; will probably not; intend not to; must not~ N2
211 mama as it is; current state; without changing~ N4
212 mama ni as, to do as~ N2
213 mamire covered with; stained; smeared with N1
214 maru de as if; as though; just like~ N3
215 masaka there's no way; that's impossible; you must be joking N3
216 masen ka would you; do you want to; shall we~ N5
217 mashou let's ~; shall we ~ N5
218 mashouka shall I ~; used to offer help to the listener N5
219 matawa both; or; otherwise​; choice between [A] or [B] N4
220 mattaku~nai not at all~ N2
221 metta ni~nai hardly; rarely; seldom N3
222 mitai da like, similar to, resembling N4
223 mitai na like, similar to~ N4
224 mitai ni like; similar to~ N4
225 mo as many as; as much as; up to; nearly~ N4
226 mo too; also; as well N5
227 mo douzen da just like; same as~ N1
228 mo kamawazu without caring; without worrying about~ N2
229 mo touzen da it’s only natural; no wonder; might as well~ N2
230 mo~ba~mo and; also; as well; either/or; neither/nor N3
231 mono / mon because; indicates reason/ excuse/ dissatisfaction N2
232 mono da describe feeling; express memories; state fact N2
233 mono dakara so; therefore; the reason for something N2
234 mono dewa nai shouldn’t do something; it’s impossible to~ N2
235 mono ga aru there is such a thing; to be the case that​; feels like~ N2
236 mono ka / mon ka as if (something untrue were actually true); there's no way~ N2
237 mono nara if I/we could; if [A] is possible, then [B]; if one can do something, then~ N2
238 mono o although; but; even though; I wish that N1
239 mono to suru shall; to assume; understood as N1
240 mono toshite to assume; to suppose N1
241 monono but; although; even though~ N2
242 moshika shitara perhaps; maybe; perchance; by any chance~ N3
243 moshimo~tara if; in the case; supposing~ N3
244 motto mo but then; although; though~ N2
245 mou already; anymore; again; other N5
246 mou sukoshi de almost; nearly, close to~ N2
247 muke intended for; aimed at~ N3
248 muki suitable for~ N3
249 mushiro rather; instead; better~ N3
250 na don’t ~ (order somebody to not do something) N4
251 na-adjectives na-adjectives N5
252 naa sentence ending particle; confirmation; admiration, etc N5
253 nado such as, things like~ N4
254 nagara while; during; as; simultaneously N4
255 nagara mo but; although; despite~ N3
256 nai dewa irarenai can’t help but feel; can’t help but do~ N2
257 nai koto niwa~nai unless you~ N2
258 nai koto wa nai can do; is not impossible to~ N3
259 nai made mo even if [A] is not done, then [B] N1
260 naide without doing~ ; To do [B] without doing [A] N5
261 naide kudasai please don't do N5
262 naito must do; unless/if you don't~ N3
263 naito ikenai must do; have an obligation to do N5
264 naka o /naka dewa in; on; in the midst of; when; while~ N2
265 nakanaka very; quite; pretty; rather; just not~ N3
266 nakanaka~nai not easy to; struggling to; not able to~ N4
267 nakereba ikenai must do something; have to do something N4
268 nakereba naranai must do something; have to do something N4
269 naku temo ii don't have to N5
270 naku wa nai it’s not that; I may (double negative) N2
271 nakucha must do; need to; gotta do N5
272 nakushite without N1
273 nakute sumu get by without doing~ N2
274 nakute wa ikenai must do; need to do N5
275 nakute wa naranai must do; need to do N5
276 nami same level as; equal to; on par with​; each; row of N1
277 nani mo~nai nothing; (not) ~ at all; there’s no need to~ N2
278 nanka; nante; nado give examples; show modesty; make light of~ N3
279 nao still; yet​; furthermore; in addition~ N2
280 naosu to do something again; to do over N3
281 nara if; in the case that~ N4
282 nara dewa distinctive of~; special to~ N1
283 nari as soon as; right after N1
284 nari ni / nari no suitable; in one's own way/style N1
285 nari tomo at least; even a little N1
286 nari~nari [A] or [B] or something; for instance~ N1
287 naru to become N5
288 naru beku as much as possible N3
289 nasai do this (soft/firm command) N4
290 nasaru to do (honorific) N4
291 nashi ni without N1
292 nazenara because; the reason is; if you want to know why N3
293 ndatte I hear that; heard that~ N3
294 ndesu to explain something; show emphasis N5
295 ne isn't it? right? eh? N5
296 neba naranai have to do; must; should~ N2
297 ni destination particle; in; at; on; to N5
298 ni atatte at the time; on the occasion of~ N2
299 ni atte at; on; during; in the condition of​ N1
300 ni chigai nai I’m sure/ certain; no doubt that~ N3

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