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This is our complete JLPT grammar list for all of our Japanese grammar lessons from N5 to N1.

Each lesson is ranked according to appropriate JLPT grammar level and includes the meaning, translation notes, grammar structure, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids and more.

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Japanese grammar list for all JLPT levels

#EnglishJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
401 nimo kakawarazu despite; in spite of; nevertheless; although~ N2
402 nimo mashite more than…; above ~ N1
403 nite in, at, with, by (formal particle) N2
404 no possessive particle N5
405 no deshou ka ask a question in a polite way N3
406 no desu to explain something; show emphasis N5
407 no ga heta to be bad at doing something N5
408 no ga jouzu to be good at N5
409 no ga suki to like doing something N5
410 no itari utmost; extremely ~ N1
411 no kiwami utmost; extremely ~ N1
412 no mo motto mo da no wonder; …is only natural N2
413 no moto de under; with~ N2
414 no naka de in; among~ N4
415 no naka de [A] ga ichiban out of this group, [A] is best N5
416 no ue de wa according to; from the viewpoint of~ N2
417 no yara / mono yara / koto yara I wonder..; unsure; I don’t know ~ N1
418 no yara~no yara or ~ (I don't know) N1
419 node because of; given that; since N5
420 nomi only; nothing but​ N2
421 nominarazu not only; besides; as well as~ N2
422 noni although, in spite of, even though~ N4
423 noni to (do something); in order to~ N4
424 nowa~da [A] is [B]; the reason for [A] is [B] N4
425 nu negative verb conjugation; traditional version of ない N2
426 nuki ni shite / nuki de without; leaving out; cutting out~ N2
427 nuku to do something from beginning to end; completely, extremely~ N2
428 o / go polite marker; honorific prefix particle N5
429 o / wo object marker particle N5
430 o chuushin ni focused on; centered on N3
431 o fumaete to be based on; to take into account ~ N1
432 o hajime for example; starting with N3
433 o kaerimizu / mo kaerimizu despite; without considering; not worrying about; regardless of ~ N1
434 o kagiri ni starting from; the last time (ending a continued action) N1
435 o kanete also for the purpose of ~ N1
436 o kawakiri ni one after another; starting with ~ N1
437 o keiki ni as a good opportunity/chance to; as a result of; make the best of~ N2
438 o ki ni as an opportunity/chance to ~ N1
439 o kinji enai can’t help but; can’t refrain from ~ N1
440 o komete filled with; full of N3
441 o kudasai please give me~ N5
442 o megutte concerning; in regard to~ N2
443 o mono tomo sezuni in defiance of; not losing to / afraid / worrying about ~ N1
444 o moto ni based on; derived from; building on; beginning with~ N2
445 o motte / o mochimashite by means of; with; on / at / as of (time)​ N1
446 o nozoite except; with the exception of; excluding~ N2
447 o sakai ni since ~ (indicates a large change before & after) N1
448 o towazu regardless of; irrespective of; no matter N2
449 o tsuujite /o tooshite through; via; throughout; by N3
450 o yogi naku sareru to be forced to do something because one has no other choice N1
451 o yoso ni despite; without regards to ~ N1
452 o zentei toshite with the intention to; on the condition / assumption ~ N1
453 o~kudasai please do (honorific) N4
454 o~negau please do; could you please…; I ask of you to~ N2
455 o~ni naru to do (honorific) N4
456 okage de thanks to; owing to; because of~ N3
457 oki ni repeated at intervals, every~ N4
458 omake ni to make matters worse; besides; what's more; in addition; on top of that​ N2
459 omoi o suru to think; to feel ~ N1
460 osoraku perhaps; likely; probably; I dare say~ N2
461 osore ga aru it is feared that; to be in danger of; to be liable to~ N2
462 owaru to finish; to end~ N4
463 oyobi and; as well as~ N2
464 ppanashi leaving (something) on; leaving (something) still in use​ N3
465 ppoi seems like; somewhat~; -ish; easily does~; often does~ N3
466 rareru potential form; ability or inability to do something N4
467 rashii it seems like; I heard; apparently~ N4
468 roku ni~nai not well; not enough; improperly; insufficiently; unsatisfactorily​~ N2
469 sa ending particle; indicates assertion N1
470 sa -ness​ ; nominalizer for adjective N4
471 sae even; so much as; not even N3
472 sae~ba if only; as long as N3
473 sai ni when; at the time of; in the case of~ N3
474 saichuu ni while; during; in the middle of~ N3
475 saiwai na koto ni fortunately; luckily; thankfully~ N2
476 sakki some time ago; just now N4
477 sara ni furthermore; again; more and more~ N3
478 saserareru causative-passive; to be made to do something N4
479 saseru causative form; to make/let somebody do something N4
480 sasete kudasai please let me do N4
481 sasuga as one would expect; as is to be expected; even~ N4
482 sate conjunction: well; now; then~ N3
483 sei de because of; due to; as a result of~ N3
484 sei ka perhaps because~ N2
485 seizei at the most; at best; to the utmost N3
486 sekkaku especially; (thank you for) troubling to, going to great pains for~ N2
487 semete at least; at most~ N2
488 shi and; and what’s more; emphasis~ N4
489 shibaraku for a moment; for a while; for the time being N3
490 shidai as soon as, dependent upon N2
491 shidai de depending on; so~ N2
492 shidai ni gradually (progress into a state); in sequence; in order N2
493 shikamo moreover; furthermore; and yet; what’s more~ N2
494 shikanai have no choice but~ N3
495 shikashi but; however~ N5
496 shimatsu da end up; in the end; as a result (negative) N1
497 soba kara as soon as; right after​ ~ N1
498 sonna ni so much; so; like that N4
499 sono tame ni hence; for that reason; because of~ N3
500 sono ue besides; in addition; furthermore~ N2

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