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This is our complete JLPT grammar list for all of our Japanese grammar lessons from N5 to N1.

Each lesson is ranked according to appropriate JLPT grammar level and includes the meaning, translation notes, grammar structure, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids and more.

You can also click on the level to see a list of grammar lessons for that level only.

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Japanese grammar list for all JLPT levels

#EnglishJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
501 to kiita I heard... N4
502 to mieru / to miete it seems that.. N3
503 to mirareru regarded as; appears/expected to.. N1
504 to miru to upon realizing N1
505 to naru to / to nareba once/when something happens N1
506 to omoikiya To think [A], but [B] N1
507 to omou to think…; I think…; you think… N4
508 to sareru is considered to.. N1
509 to shitatte even if.. N1
510 to sureba / to shitara / to suru to in the case of..; assuming.. N3
511 to tomo ni together with; at the same time as; as well as N3
512 tochuu de / tochuu ni on the way; in the middle of N3
513 toka I heard that N2
514 toka~toka among other things; such as; like N4
515 toki when; at this time N5
516 tokoro just about to; on the verge of doing something N4
517 tokoro datta was just about to do something, something almost happened N2
518 tokoro de by the way N3
519 tokoro ga even so; however; even though N3
520 tokoro ni at the time N2
521 tokoro wo although/despite a certain time/situation N1
522 tomo even if; no matter N2
523 tomo arou of all people (expression showing surprise at a high standing person's misbehavior) N1
524 tomo~tomo unable to draw a conclusion; unable to judge N1
525 tomonaku uncertainty; lack of intent N1
526 tono koto da I'm told; passing on a message N1
527 toori ni in the same way as; in the way; as N3
528 toshite as (i.e. in the role of) N3
529 toshitemo assuming; even if N2
530 totemo very; awfully; exceedingly​ N5
531 towa indicates word or phrase being defined​ with emphasis/surprise N1
532 towa kagiranai not necessarily so; is not always true N3
533 towaie although; nonetheless; be that as it may N1
534 tsu~tsu two contrasting actions N1
535 tsuide ni Taking the opportunity while doing something; incidentally. N3
536 tsumari in other words; in summary; in short N3
537 tsumori plan to ~; intend to ~ N5
538 tsumori datta Was planning to N3
539 tsumori de with the intention of doing N2
540 tsutsu while; although N2
541 tsutsu aru to be doing; to be in the process of doing N2
542 tsuzukeru continue to; keen on N4
543 tte named; called N4
544 uchi ni while; before; doing N3
545 ukemi passive form; passive voice N4
546 uto~uto/uga~uga whether/even if [A] or [B]. N1
547 wa - topic marker topic marker N5
548 wa ~yori... desu [A] is more ~ than [B] N5
549 wa dou desu ka how about; how is N5
550 wa mochiron not to mention; not only; but also N3
551 wa moto yori also; let alone; from the beginning N2
552 wa tomokaku whether or not; nevermind; regardless of; not to mention N2
553 wa~ga... wa [A] but [B]; however; comparison N4
554 wake da for that reason; no wonder; as you’d expect N3
555 wake dewa nai it doesn’t mean that; it is not the case that; I don’t mean that; it is not true that N3
556 wake ga nai there is no way that…; it is impossible to… N3
557 wake niwa ikanai must not; cannot afford to; must, have no choice but to N3
558 wari ni in comparison (expresses an unexpected feeling) N3
559 wo kagiri ni starting from..; to the full extent of N1
560 wo kawakiri ni starting with N1
561 wo motte 1) by means of; with. 2) at the time N1
562 ya and; or; connecting particle N5
563 ya ina ya as soon as; the moment.. N1
564 yagate before long; soon; almost; eventually N2
565 yara~yara such as; and so on.. N2
566 yasui easy to; likely to; prone to; have a tendency to N4
567 yatto at last; finally; barely; narrowly N4
568 yo you know; emphasis (ending particle) N5
569 yohodo / yoppodo very; greatly; much; to a large extent N2
570 yori than; rather than; more than N4
571 yori from N2
572 yori ~hou ga [A] is more than [B] N5
573 yorimo in comparison to; rather than N3
574 yotei da plan to, intend to N4
575 you da appears; seems; looks as if N4
576 you dewa nai ka let’s do (something); why don’t we N2
577 you ka~mai ka whether or not; considering options N1
578 you na ki ga suru have a feeling that; think that N3
579 you ni in order to, so that N3
580 you ni / you na like; as; similar to N4
581 you ni mieru to look; to seem; to appear N3
582 you ni naru to reach the point that; to come to be that; to turn into N4
583 you ni suru to try to; to make sure that N4
584 you to omou thinking of doing; planning to N4
585 you to shinai not try to; not make an effort to N3
586 you to suru try to; be about to N3
587 you to~mai to/you ga~mai ga whether or not; regardless N1
588 zehi by all means; certainly; definitely N4
589 zenzen~nai (not) at all N4
590 zu ni sumu get by without doing… N2
591 zu ni wa irarenai can’t help but feel; can’t help but do; must do N3
592 zukume completely; entirely; nothing but N1
593 zuni without doing N3
594 zurai difficult to do N4
595 かいがある it’s worth one’s efforts to do something N2

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