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This is our complete JLPT grammar list for all of our Japanese grammar lessons from N5 to N1.

Each lesson is ranked according to appropriate JLPT grammar level and includes the meaning, translation notes, grammar structure, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids and more.

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Japanese grammar list for all JLPT levels

#EnglishJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
701 to iu mono dewa nai there is no guarantee that…; not necessarily ~ N2
702 to iu nowa this means; the meaning of … is; because; that is to say ~ N3
703 to iu to speaking of; when you talk of; when you say ~ N3
704 to iu tokoro da / to itta tokoro da at the most; no more than​; at best; roughly; about ~ N1
705 to iu wake da that's why; no wonder; this means; it is the case that ~ N1
706 to iu wake dewa nai it’s not that; it doesn’t mean that ~ N1
707 to iu yori rather than ~ N3
708 to iwarete iru it is said that ~ N4
709 to iwazu~to iwazu both; not only A or B, but (overall) ~ N1
710 to kangaerareru one can think that; it is conceivable that; considered ~ N2
711 to kiita I heard... N4
712 to kiteiru because of ~ N1
713 to mieru / to miete it seems that ~ N3
714 to miru to as soon as one realizes ..., then ~ N1
715 to miru ya at the sight of; upon seeing; after confirming ~ N1
716 to naru to / to nareba when it comes to; in such a case; if that happens N1
717 to omou to think…; I think…; you think… N4
718 to sareru is considered to; it is said that ~ N1
719 to sureba / to shitara / to suru to in the case of~; assuming~; if A then B N3
720 to tomo ni together with; at the same time as; as well as ~ N3
721 tochuu de / tochuu ni on the way; in the middle of ~ N3
722 toka (de) I heard that ~ N2
723 toka~toka among other things; such as; like ~ N4
724 toki when; at this time N5
725 tokitara when it comes to; concerning ~ N1
726 tokku ni long ago; already; a long time ago N2
727 tokoro just about to; on the verge of doing something N4
728 tokoro datta was just about to do something; something almost happened N2
729 tokoro de by the way ~ N3
730 tokoro ga even so; however; even though ~ N3
731 tokoro ni at the time; just as I was ~ N2
732 tokoro o although (it is a certain time/condition); even though normally N1
733 tokoro o miru to judging from; seeing that ~ N2
734 tomo even if; no matter (who, what, when, where, why, how); though ~ N2
735 tomo arou mono ga of all people (expression showing surprise at a high standing person's misbehavior) N1
736 tomo naku / tomo nashi ni somehow; without knowing; without thinking; unconsciously​ ~ N1
737 tomo sureba apt to (do); tend to; liable to; prone to ~ N1
738 tomo~tomo unable to draw a conclusion; unable to judge N1
739 toori ni in the same way as; in the way; as ~ N3
740 toosu to do until the end; to continually do; through ~ N3
741 toriwake especially; above all ~ N1
742 toshita koto ga of all people, who would have thought? N1
743 toshite as; in the role of ~ N3
744 toshite~nai not at all; there is not even one N2
745 toshitemo assuming; even if ~ N2
746 tossa ni at once; right away; promptly N1
747 tote even; even if/though ~ N1
748 totemo very; awfully; exceedingly​ N5
749 totemo~nai cannot possibly be; hardly ~ N3
750 towa I didn't know; I was surprised that; the fact that ~ N1
751 towa ie though; although; be that as it may; nonetheless N1
752 towa kagiranai not necessarily so; is not always true N3
753 towa kurabemono ni naranai can't compare with ~ N1
754 towa utte kawatte / to wa utte kawari unlike; totally different; very different from ~ N1
755 tsu~tsu and ~ (indicates two contrasting actions) N1
756 tsui accidentally; unintentionally; by mistake N3
757 tsui ni finally; at last; in the end ~ N3
758 tsuide ni while, incidentally, at the same time, on the way ~ N3
759 tsukusu to use up (completely without anything remaining); to exhaust; to run out of ~ N1
760 tsumari in other words; in summary; in short ~ N3
761 tsumori plan to ~; intend to ~ N5
762 tsumori datta I thought I~; I believe I~; was planning to~; was intending to ~ N3
763 tsumori de with the intention of doing ~ N3
764 tsutsu while; even though; despite ~ N2
765 tsutsu aru to be doing; to be in the process of doing ~ N2
766 tsuzukeru continue to; keen on ~ N4
767 tte named; called ~ N4
768 tteba / ttara speaking of; I told you already; come on (annoyance / dissatisfaction) N1
769 uchi ni while; before ~ N3
770 uchi ni hairanai not really; can't be regarded as ~ N1
771 ue de upon; after; when; for; in order to N3
772 ue ni as well; besides; in addition to; not only… but also ~ N3
773 ue wa now that; since; as long as ~ N2
774 ukemi kei passive form; passive voice N4
775 wa feminine sentence ending particle N1
776 wa - topic marker topic marker N5
777 wa ~yori... desu [Noun-1] is more ~ than [Noun-2] N5
778 wa betsu toshite aside from; apart from; except for; whether or not ~ N3
779 wa dou de are however; whatever​ ~ N1
780 wa dou desu ka how about; how is N5
781 wa mochiron not to mention; not only ... but also ~ N3
782 wa moto yori also; let alone; from the beginning N2
783 wa oroka let alone; not to mention; needless to say ~ N1
784 wa sateoki setting aside ~ N1
785 wa socchinoke de / o socchinoke de ignoring (one thing) for (another)​​; instead of ~ N1
786 wa tomokaku anyhow; anyway; regardless; in any case; whether or not ~ N2
787 wa~de yuumei famous for ~ N3
788 wa~ga... wa [A] but [B]; however; comparison N4
789 wa~wade and (listing negative things happening at the same time) N1
790 wake da for that reason; no wonder; as you’d expect; the fact is; so you mean ~ N3
791 wake dewa nai it doesn’t mean that; it is not the case that; I don’t mean that; it is not true that ~ N3
792 wake ga nai there is no way that; it is impossible to ~ N3
793 wake niwa ikanai must not; cannot afford to; must, have no choice but to ~ N3
794 wari ni considering ~; for ~; despite ~ N3
795 wazato on purpose; intentionally ~ N3
796 wazawaza to go to the trouble of; to go out of one's way to ~ N3
797 wazuka ni slightly; only; barely; narrowly ~ N2
798 ya and; or; connecting particle N5
799 ya ina ya as soon as; the moment ~ N1
800 ya shinai should do, but don't; absolutely not; there's no way ~ N1

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