Getting Started

Did you recently just start studying Japanese?


The lessons and materials at JLPT Sensei try to be as informative as possible, but we assume that everyone using this site is comfortable using hiragana and katakana. If you have not yet learned either of these, I would recommend starting with learning those. Here are some links for some useful resources for learning hiragana and katakana:

Tofugu’s Ultimate Guide to Learning Hiragana

  • One of the best online resources I have seen for learning hiragana. Complete with excellent visuals to improve memorization and complementary video with audio.

Tofugu’s Ultimate Guide to Learning Katakana

  • Once you have learned hiragana, the next step is to learn Katakana. Once again, I recommend Tofugu’s excellent article.

So I’ve finished learning hiragana and katakana, now what?


Now you are ready to fully take advantage of all of our lessons and resources on JLPT Sensei. In many sections, example sentences and vocabulary areas give hints for kanji readings, but only in Japanese.

If you are still a beginner, I would recommend checking out our N5 section first, since that is the beginner level for the JLPT. As you start to feel more comfortable with those lessons, try looking at some of the more advanced areas.

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