JLPT N4 Grammar List

learn Japanese JLPT N4 grammar list

This is a complete list of the Japanese grammar rules needed to study for and pass the N4 Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Although there is no official JLPT N4 grammar list, most grammar points that have been featured on previous tests are included in this list.

Each lesson is arranged in English romaji alphabetical order. In total, there are over 131 grammar lessons that you need to know in order to pass the N4.

Click on the lesson link for detailed notes about grammar structure, how-to-use, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids, and more.

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JLPT N4 Grammar List Flashcards, Japanese 文法

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#Grammar LessonGrammar Meaning
41 made ni by; by the time; indicates time limit
42 mama as it is; current state; without changing ~
43 matawa both; or; otherwise​; choice between [A] or [B]
44 mitai da like, similar to, resembling
45 mitai na like, similar to ~
46 mitai ni like; similar to ~
47 mo as many as; as much as; up to; nearly ~
48 na don’t ~ (order somebody to not do something)
49 nado such as, things like ~
50 nagara while; during; as; simultaneously
51 nakanaka~nai not easy to; struggling to; not able to ~
52 nakereba ikenai must do something; have to do something
53 nakereba naranai must do something; have to do something
54 nara if; in the case that ~
55 nasai do this (soft/firm command)
56 nasaru to do (honorific)
57 ni ki ga tsuku to notice; to realize
58 ni mieru to look; to seem; to appear
59 ni suru to make something ~
60 nikui difficult to do ~
61 no naka de in; among ~
62 noni although, in spite of, even though ~
63 noni to (do something); in order to ~
64 nowa~da [A] is [B]; the reason for [A] is [B]
65 o~kudasai please do (honorific)
66 o~ni naru to do (honorific)
67 oki ni repeated at intervals, every ~
68 owaru to finish; to end~
69 rareru potential form; ability or inability to do something
70 rashii it seems like; I heard; apparently ~
71 sa -ness​ ; nominalizer for adjective
72 sakki some time ago; just now
73 saserareru causative-passive; to be made to do something
74 saseru causative form; to make/let somebody do something
75 sasete kudasai please let me do
76 sasuga as one would expect; as is to be expected; even ~
77 shi and; and what’s more ~ (emphasis)
78 sonna ni so much; so; like that
79 sore demo but still; and yet; even so ~
80 sore ni besides; in addition; also; moreover ~

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