JLPT N1 Adverbs List (Advanced Japanese)

JLPT N1 Adverbs List (Advanced Japanese)

This is a complete list of advanced Japanese adverbs that you must know in order to pass the JLPT N1.

Adverbs are words that modify other words (verbs, adjectives, other adverbs, and even full sentences).

In Japanese, adjectives can be turned into adverbs by adding に (ni) at the end. This is similar to the English ‘ly’, as in quickly.

JLPT N1 Adverbs Complete Study Guide

#RomajiJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
1 aete dare to; daringly; deliberately; purposely ~ N1
2 akumade mo to the end; persistently; absolutely; is still very ~ N1
3 an no jou just as one thought; as usual; sure enough N1
4 arakajime beforehand; in advance; previously​ N1
5 dou nimo~nai not … by any means; no matter how hard one tries, cannot ~ N1
6 gotoki / gotoku / gotoshi like; as if; the same as ~ N1
7 ikani how; in what way; how much; to what extent N1
8 ikani mo indeed; really; truly; just (like); very; extremely ~ N1
9 katagata while; at the same time; incidentally; for the purpose of ~ N1
10 katawara while; besides; at the same time; in addition N1
11 katsute once; before; formerly; ever; former; ex- N1
12 koto gotoku altogether; entirely; completely ~ N1
13 marukkiri completely; absolutely; totally; (not) at all​ ~ N1
14 mohaya already; now; no longer; not anymore N1
15 nan to iu / nanto / nante how (beautiful, etc.); what a ~ N1
16 nani shiro at any rate; after all; anyhow; anyway; in any case; because; as you know ~ N1
17 nari ni / nari no suitable; in one's own way/style N1
18 nari tomo at least; even just a little (adverbial particle) N1
19 no nan notte extremely ~ (cannot be expressed in words) N1
20 ori ni when; at the time; on the occasion ~ N1
21 oyoso about; roughly; generally; approximately; completely​ ~ N1
22 samo really (seem, appear, etc.); truly; as if ~ N1
23 sazo surely; certainly; no doubt; indeed​ ~ N1
24 ta hazumi ni / ta hyoushi ni the moment [A], unintentionally / inadvertently caused something to happen N1
25 tada~nomi da all we can do is; can do nothing but; only ~ N1
26 to aimatte together with..., more; because of the influence of..., more ~ N1
27 tomo sureba apt to (do); tend to; liable to; prone to ~ N1
28 toriwake especially; above all ~ N1
29 tossa ni at once; right away; promptly N1

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