JLPT N2 Grammar List

learn Japanese JLPT N2 grammar list

This is the list of the Japanese grammar rules needed to study for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2.

The JLPT N2 Grammar List lessons are arranged in English romaji alphabetical order.

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JLPT N2 grammar list
#Grammar LessonGrammar Meaning
41 kara miru to from the point of view of; by the look of; judging from
42 kara niwa now that; since; so long as; because
43 kara shite judging from; based on; since; from; even
44 kara suru to / kara sureba judging from; considering; by the look of
45 kara to itte just because
46 kkonai no chance of; …is definitely not possible
47 koto dakara because; since
48 koto naku without doing something even once
49 koto niwa naranai just because… doesn’t mean…
50 madashimo would be better; better; rather; if it were
51 mai will not; will probably not; intend not to; must not
52 mattaku~nai not at all
53 mo kamawazu without caring; without worrying about
54 mono dakara so; therefore (explaining something unavoidable)
55 mono dewa nai shouldn’t do something; it’s impossible to do something
56 mono ga aru there is such a thing; feels like
57 mono ka / mon ka as if (something untrue were actually true); there's no way
58 mono nara if [A] is possible, then [B]; if one can do something.
59 monono but; although; even though
60 motto mo but then; although; though
61 mou sukoshi de almost; nearly, close to
62 nai dewa irarenai can’t help but feel; can’t help but do
63 nai koto niwa~nai unless you do something
64 naku wa nai it’s not that; I may
65 nakute sumu get by without doing…
66 nao furthermore; in addition
67 neba naranai have to do; must; should
68 ni atatte at the time; on the occasion of
69 ni hoka naranai nothing but; none other than
70 ni kagirazu not just; not only~ but also
71 ni kagiru is best; nothing is better than~
72 ni kagitte only; in particular
73 ni kakawarazu regardless of
74 ni kakawaru to relate to; to have to do with; relating to
75 ni kimatte iru certainly; I’m sure/certain that; it must be the case that~
76 ni kotaete in response to
77 ni kuwaete in addition to
78 ni motozuite based on; on the basis of
79 ni mukatte to face; to go towards; to head to
80 ni oujite depending on; in accordance with

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