Complete Japanese Pre-noun Adjectival List (連体詞 rentaishi)

Complete Japanese Pre-noun Adjectival List (連体詞 rentaishi)

This is a complete list of common pre-noun adjectival words in the Japanese language organized in roman alphabetical order, labeled by JLPT level.

Japanese pre-noun adjectivals, 連体詞 (rentaishi), are Adjectives occurring before nouns and not in a predicative position.

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Pre-noun Adjectivals Complete Study Guide

#RomajiJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
1 akuru next (day, morning, etc.); following N1
2 anna such N4
3 ano that N5
4 arayuru all; every​ N3
5 chiisana small; little; tiny​ N5
6 donna what kind of; what sort of N5
7 dono which N5
8 honno mere; only; just; slight​ N1
9 ironna various N4
10 iwayuru what is called; as it is called; the so-called; so to speak​ N3
11 jitsu no true; real; blood-related; biological (father, etc.) N1
12 konna such; like this​ N5
13 kono this​ N5
14 omonaru main; principal; important N1
15 ookina big; large; great​ N5
16 sonna that sort of N4
17 sono that N5
18 taishita considerable; great; important; significant; a big deal N3
19 tannaru mere; simple; sheer N3
20 waga my; our; one's own N2

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