Complete Japanese Conjunctions List

Complete Japanese Conjunctions List

Japanese grammar conjunctions list jlpt

Conjunctions are words that connect phrases, clauses, or sentences together.

This is a complete list of Japanese conjunctions and their meanings arranged by JLPT level from beginner N5 to advanced N1.

Click on any of the lessons in the table to see more detail about that grammar point, with formation rules and example sentences.

Japanese Conjunctions Complete Study Guide

#RomajiJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
1 aruiwa or; either; maybe; perhaps; possibly ~ N2
2 ba ii should; can; it’d be good if ~ N3
3 ba koso only because ~ N1
4 ba sore made da / tara sore made da if… then it’s over N1
5 beku in order to; for the purpose of ~ N1
6 beku shite as it is bound to (happen); following the natural course N1
7 chinamini by the way; in this connection; incidentally; (conjunction) N2
8 dakedo but; however; although; regarding ~ N3
9 datte because; but; after all; even; too N2
10 de are / de arou to whoever; whatever; however; even ~ N1
11 de are~de are whether [A] or [B] N1
12 demo but; however; though ~ N5
13 ga subject marker; however; but ~ N5
14 ippou de on one hand, on the other hand; although ~ N2
15 izure ni shitemo / izure ni shiro / izure ni seyo anyhow; anyway; either way; in any case ~ N1
16 jaa then; well; so; well then N5
17 ka to omoikiya contrary to expectations; or so we thought, but ~ N1
18 ka to omottara just when; no sooner than ~ N2
19 ka~ka or N5
20 kai mo naku despite; even though ~ N1
21 kara because; since; from N5
22 katagata while; at the same time; incidentally; for the purpose of ~ N1
23 kawari ni instead of; as a substitute for​; in exchange for; in return for N3
24 kedo but; however; although ~ N5
25 keredo mo but; however; although ~ N5
26 korekara after this N4
27 koso are although; even though ~ N1
28 koso sure and; although; but ~ N1
29 koso~ga/keredo but; although (emphasis) N1
30 koto tote because; since ~ N1
31 koto wa~ga although; but ~ N3
32 kuse ni and yet; though; in spite of; despite ~ N3
33 kuse shite although; despite the fact that; even though ~ N2
34 matawa both; or; otherwise​; choice between [A] or [B] N4
35 mo~ba~mo and; also; as well; either/or; neither/nor N3
36 mono dakara so; therefore; the reason for something N2
37 mono de because; for that reason N1
38 moshikuwa or; otherwise N1
39 moshimo~tara if; in the case; supposing ~ N3
40 motto mo but then; although; though ~ N2
41 nagara ni / nagara no while; during; without change; performed in this condition N1
42 nao still; yet​; furthermore; in addition ~ N2
43 nara if; in the case that ~ N4
44 nara iza shirazu / wa iza shirazu I don't know about ... but; it may be possible for ... but ~ N1
45 nazenara because; the reason is; if you want to know why N3
46 ni atte at; on; during; in the condition of​ ~ N1
47 ni itattemo even if; even though; although something reached the point ~ N1
48 ni kagirazu not just; not only... but also ~ N2
49 ni shita tokoro de / to shita tokoro de even if; even supposing that ~ N1
50 ni tsurete as; in proportion to; with; as… then ~ N3
51 nimo kakawarazu despite; in spite of; nevertheless; although ~ N2
52 node because of; given that; since ~ N5
53 noni although, in spite of, even though ~ N4
54 omake ni to make matters worse; besides; what's more; in addition; on top of that​ N2
55 oyobi and; as well as ~ N2
56 saa well… N5
57 sara ni furthermore; again; more and more ~ N3
58 sate conjunction: well; now; then ~ N3
59 shi and; and what’s more ~ (emphasis) N4
60 shikamo moreover; furthermore; and yet; what’s more ~ N2
61 shikashi but; however ~ N5
62 sono tame ni hence; for that reason; because of ~ N3
63 sono ue besides; in addition; furthermore ~ N2
64 sore de because of that N4
65 sore demo but still; and yet; even so ~ N4
66 sore kara and; and then; after that; since then N5
67 sore na noni and yet; despite this; but even so ~ N2
68 sore nara if that’s the case; if so ~ N2
69 sore ni besides; in addition; also; moreover ~ N4
70 soretomo or; or else ~ N3
71 soshite and; and then; thus; and now ~ N5
72 sunawachi in other words; namely ~ N3
73 ta tokoro de even if; no matter (who, what, when, where, why, how) N1
74 tame ni for; in order to; for the benefit of; because of; as a result of ~ N3
75 tara if; after; when ~ N4
76 tara dou why don't you; how about ~ (used to give advice) N4
77 tara ii desu ka what should I do?; speaker seeking instructions from listener N4
78 tara saigo / taga saigo if you do... negative result N1
79 tara~tade if / in the case... of course / should ~ N1
80 tara~tokoro da if... (counterfactual condition), then would be ~ N1
81 tatoeba for example; for instance ~ N3
82 te / de conjunctive particle; so; because of [A], [B]... N4
83 te demo even if I have to; by all means ~ N2
84 to whenever [A] happens, [B] also happens N4
85 to and; with; as; connecting particle N5
86 to areba if it is the case that; if ~ N1
87 to atte due to the fact that; because of ~ N1
88 to douji ni at the same time as; while; simultaneously ~ N2
89 to ie domo even if; even though; despite ~ N1
90 to ii / tara ii it would be nice if; should; I hope ~ N3
91 to itta like; such as ~ N2
92 to ittemo although I say; although one might say ~ N3
93 to ittemo ii you could say; one might say; I'd say ~ N4
94 to iu ka~to iu ka or rather; or perhaps I should say; I mean ~ N1
95 to iu nowa this means; the meaning of … is; because; that is to say ~ N3
96 to iu to speaking of; when you talk of; when you say ~ N3
97 to kiteiru because of ~ N1
98 to naru to / to nareba when it comes to; in such a case; if that happens N1
99 to sureba / to shitara / to suru to in the case of~; assuming~; if A then B N3
100 toka (de) I heard that ~ N2

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