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the west; Western countries

JLPT N4 vocabulary list

What is the Japanese meaning of 【せいよう】(seiyou) – the west; Western countries.

Type: Noun

Level: JLPT N4 Vocabulary

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Example #1

seiyou ryouri no mise wo tsukuru tsumori desu.
I plan to make a western food style restaurant.
Example #2

Kare wa seiyou bunka ga suki da.
He likes Western culture.
Example #3

Kono ie wa seiyoushiki de tate rareta.
This house was made in a Western style.
Example #4

Seiyou dewa, ippan teki ni 13 to 17 wa fukitsu na suuji to sarete imasu.
In the West, 13 and 17 are generally considered ominous numbers.
Example #5

Kyou, seiyou no shokuhinten ni ikimashita ga, omise ga yasumi deshita.
Today, I went to a Western food store, but the store was closed.

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