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(respectful) to see

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Learn Japanese vocabulary: 【ごらんになる】(goran ni naru).

Meaning: to see; to look; to watch​.

Type: Verb, Godan verb, Expression

Level: JLPT N4 Vocabulary

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Example #1

ie o goran ni naru nara ome ni kake mashou.
If you wish to see the house, I will show you over it.
Example #2

kono machi ni wa betsu ni goran ni naru you na tokoro wa arimasen.
There is nothing worth seeing in this town.
Example #3

anata wa sono eiga o douzo go yukkuri goran ni natte kudasai.
Please leisurely watch the movie.
Example #4

moshi kyoumi ga arimashitara, zehi goran ni natte kudasai.
If you are interested, please do have a look.
Example #5

どうかこのさくぶんをごらんになって, なおしてくださいませんか。
douka kono sakubun o goran ni natte, naoshite kudasai masen ka.
Would you be kind enough to look over this essay and correct any mistakes there may be?

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