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Meaning of 足

leg, foot, be sufficient




あし、 た(りる)
ashi, ta(riru)

Learn Japanese kanji: 【 ソク / あし、 た(りる) 】

Meaning: leg, foot, be sufficient.

343 of 2,500 most used kanji in newspapers.

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How to write 足 - stroke order:

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Stroke Count: 7

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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

tsukarete ashi ga ippo mo saki he denakatta.
I was so tired that I couldn't take another step.
Example #2

watashi wa kyonen migiashi o kossetsu shimashita.
Last year I broke my right leg.
Example #3

watashi wa tsuyosa ga tarinai.
I lack strength.
Example #4

6 tasu 4 wa nan desuka?
What is six plus four?
Example #5

sore dake de juubun tariru darou.
This should be more than sufficient.
Example #6

nebusoku de tsukareta.
I'm tired from lack of sleep.
Example #7

kimi wa undou fusoku dayo.
You don't get enough exercise.
Example #8

sono kekka wa kare o manzoku saseta.
The result satisfied him.
Example #9

gakkou no ensoku de nara ni itta.
We went on a school trip to Nara.
Example #10

ano musuko nara hokoru ni taru.
He is a boy to be proud of.
Example #11

kono ashiato wa kare no mono ni chigainai.
There's no mistaking these footprints belong to him.

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