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Meaning of 兄

elder brother


キョウ、 ケイ
kyou, kei



Learn Japanese kanji: 【 キョウ、 ケイ / あに 】

Meaning: elder brother.

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How to write 兄 - stroke order:

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Stroke Count: 5

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Example #1

I have an older brother.
Example #2

watashi no oniisan wa daigakusei desu.
My older brother is a university student.
Example #3

watashi wa sannin kyoudai desu.
I have 3 siblings.
Example #4

kore ga watashi no ani no jitensha da.
This is my older brother's bicycle.
Example #5

shukudai ga aru to itsumo ani ga tetsudatte kureru.
When I have homework to do, my brother always helps me with it.
Example #6

sakki anata no oniisan ni suupaa de atta yo.
I just saw your older brother at the supermarket.
Example #7

watashi wa kare ni kyoudai ga ooi no ga urayamashii desu.
I'm jealous that he has so many siblings.
Example #8

watashi no kyoudai no hitori wa sensei de, hokano kyoudai wa mina bengoshi desu.
One of my brothers is a teacher, and the others are lawyers.

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