JLPT N5 Grammar (i-adjectives)

How to use

present negativeくない
past negativeくなかった
i-adjectives い形容詞 jlpt n5 grammar meaning 文法例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: (i-adjectives), also known as い形容詞 (i keiyoushi).

There are two kinds of adjectives in Japanese, and .

Unlike na-adjectives, i-adjectives have unique conjugation rules that you must learn. Let’s start with a basic example.

How to conjugate i-adjectives

い-adjective (present)

Let’s start with a basic adjective, あつい (atsui) which means hot.


kyou wa atsui desu.

It is hot today.

い-adjective (present negative)


kyou wa atsukunai desu.

It isn’t hot today.

い-adjective (past)


kinou wa atsukatta.

It was hot yesterday.

い-adjective (past negative)


kinou wa atsukunakatta.

It was not hot yesterday.

Other common i-adjectives


  • 熱い (atsui) hot (thing)
  • 暑い (atsui) hot (weather)
  • 温かい (atatakai) warm
  • 温い (nurui) lukewarm, not hot enough
  • 寒い (samui) cold (weather)
  • 涼しい (suzushii) cool
  • 冷たい (tsumetai) cold (to the touch)


  •  (ooi) many, numerous, much
  •  (sukunai) few, little, limited, scarce



  •  (ookii) big
  •  (chiisai) small
  •  (nagai) long
  • 短い (mijikai) short
  • 広い (hiroi) wide, broad, spacious
  • 狭い (semai) narrow, small, restricted, cramped
  • 遠い (tooi) far, distant
  • 近い (chikai) close, near
  • 太い (futoi) thick, broad
  • 細い (hosoi) thin, fine, slender, narrow

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i-adjectives い形容詞 jlpt n5 grammar meaning 文法例文 learn japanese flashcards

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