JLPT N4 Grammar (ikou kei - volitional form)


volitional form​; let's do ~

How to use

see conjugation rules below...
ikou kei 意向形 いこうけい jlpt n4 grammar meaning 文法 例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: 【いこうけい】(ikou kei). Meaning: volitional form​; let’s do ~.

This grammar turns verbs from statements into suggestions.

How to create volitional form:

A) る-verbs

Remove the final る (ru) syllable and replace it with よう (you).

食べ → 食べよう (taberu → tabeyou) let’s eat

To be more polite, add ましょう (mashou) instead.

食べ → 食べましょう (taberu → tabemashou) let’s eat

B) う-verbs

Change the final vowel to (o) and add a singular (u) to the end.

 → 読もう (yomu → yomou) let’s read

 → 買おう (kau → kaou) let’s buy

To be more polite, change the final vowel to (i) and add ましょう (mashou) to the end.

 → 読みましょう (yomu → yomimashou) let’s read

 → 買いましょう (kau → kaimashou) let’s buy

C) Irregular Verbs

する → しよう (suru → shiyou) let’s do..

する → しましょう (suru → shimashou) let’s do..

来る → 来よう (kuru → koyou) let’s come/go

来る → 来ましょう (kuru → kimashou) let’s come/go

ikou kei 意向形 いこうけい jlpt n4 grammar meaning 文法 例文 learn japanese flashcards

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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

kyou kara jitensha de shukkin shiyou.
Let's start commuting by bicycle from today!
Example #2

mou 11 ji da. hayaku neyou.
It's already 11pm, let's hurry and go to sleep.
Example #3

omota sou da ne. tetsudaou ka?
That looks heavy, shall I give you a hand?
Example #4

kyou wa shokudou de chuushoku o tabeyou.
Let's eat lunch at the dining room today.
Example #5

toshokan de issho ni benkyou shiyou.
Let's study together at the library.
Example #6

ashita wa shuumatsu desu kara, nomi ni ikou.
Tomorrow is the end of the week, so let's go out for some drinks.
Example #7

ame ga futte iru yo. eki made okutte ageyou ka?
It's raining... Shall I give you a lift to the station?

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