JLPT N4 Grammar (mama)


as it is; current state; without changing

How to use

Noun + のまま
Verb (た form)
Verb (ない form)
な-adjective + な
mama まま jlpt n4 grammar meaning 文法 例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: (mama). Meaning: as it is; current state; without changing.

This is used to express something as it is, or to express a lack of change.

There are a few different types of uses, so let’s go through some basic examples.

Noun + 

  • mukashi no mama
  • The way things used to be / the same as always

Verb + 

This is often used with past tense form

  • 開けた
  • aketa mama
  • to be left open

It can also be used with negative form (but not with standard form)

  • しない
  • shinai mama
  • to be left undone / unfinished

な-adjective + な + 

  • きれいな
  • kireina mama
  • to remain beautiful / while beautiful

い-adjective + 

  • 熱い
  • atsui mama
  • while it’s (still) hot

Demonstrative adjective + まま

Ex) この (kono), その (sono), あの (ano) 

  • そのでよい。
  • sono mama de yoi.
  • it’s fine as it is.

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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

kono machi mukashi no mama kawatteinai.
This town hasn't changed at all.
Example #2

kono yasai wa, nama no mama de tabetemo oishii desu yo.
These vegetables taste good even raw.
Example #3

douzo kutsu no mama, o hairi kudasai.
Please enter with your shoes on.
Example #4

sono kakkou no mama de kono resutoran ni hairenai yo.
You can't enter this restaurant with those clothes..
Example #5

sakuya wa, benkyou shita mama nete shimatta.
Last night, I fell asleep while studying.
Example #6

kagi o kakenai mama dekakete shimatta.
I accidentally left without locking the door.
Example #7

watashi wa benkyou shinai mama sono tesuto o uketa.
I took that test without studying.
Example #8

shigoto wa chuutohanpa na mama ni shite wa ikenai.
You can't leave your work unfinished..

Vocabulary List

むかしpast; the old days
開けるあけるto open
熱いあついhot (holding something)
変わるかわるto change
恰好かっこうclothes; getup
昨夜さくやlast night
寝るねるto sleep
出かけるでかけるto leave/ go out
中途半端なちゅうとはんぱなhalfway; half finished

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