JLPT N5 Grammar (node)

How to use

な-adjective + な
Noun + な
node ので jlpt n5 grammar meaning 文法例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: (node) / (nanode). Meaning: because of; given that; since (explains reason for action).

  • This grammar is used explain a reason or reasoning for an action.
  • The reason is given before , with the new action after.

Example A)

atsui no de mizu o takusan nonde ne.

It’s hot out, so make sure to drink a lot of water.

Example B) past-tense

atsukatta node puuru ni itta.

It was hot today, so I went to the pool.

node ので jlpt n5 grammar meaning 文法例文 learn japanese flashcards

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- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

chotto samui node, mado o shimetemo ii desu ka.
It's a bit cold, so is it OK to close the window?
Example #2

chotto youji ga aru node, saki ni kaerimasu.
There's something I need to take care of, so I'm heading home early.
Example #3

taifuu ga kuru node, ashita no kurasu ni konakute ii desu.
Since there's a typhoon coming, it's OK to not come to tomorrow's class.
Example #4

onaka ga itai no de, kusuri o kudasai.
I have a stomachache, so please give me some medicine.
Example #5

kanojo ga totemo kirei na node, sugu suki ni narimashita.
She's very beautiful, so I quickly fell in love.
Example #6

ima kara ikimasu node, shoushou omachi kudasai.
I'm heading over now, so please wait a moment.
Example #7

ame ga futteita node, shiai ga chuushi ni narimashita.
Because of the rain, the match was cancelled.
Example #8

hidari te de tabeyou to shita ga, muzukashikatta node yamemashita.
I tried eating with my left hand, but it was difficult so I gave up.

Vocabulary List

飲むのむto drink
行くいくto go
閉めるしめるto close
先にさきにahead; early
帰るかえるto go home
すぐにright away
好きすきto like
今からいまからfrom now
少々しょうしょうa little bit
待つまつto wait
雨が降るあめがふるto rain
左手ひだりてleft hand

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