JLPT N4 Grammar (nakereba ikenai)


must do something; have to do something

How to use

Verb (ない form) なければいけない
nakereba ikenai なければいけない なければいけない jlpt n4 grammar meaning 文法 例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: (nakereba ikenai). Meaning: must do something; have to do something.

To be more formal, use (nakereba ikemasen).

It is used very similarly to some other lessons like:

nakereba ikenai なければいけない なければいけない jlpt n4 grammar meaning 文法 例文 learn japanese flashcards

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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

hayaku nenakereba ikenai.
I have to go to sleep early.
Example #2

watashi mo ganbaranakereba ikenai.
I have to do my best too.
Example #3

watashi wa sugu kotaenakereba ikenai.
I must answer right away.
Example #4

watashi wa yuujin o motto shinrai shinakereba ikenai.
I must place more trust in my friends.
Example #5

anata wa o hiru made ni shukudai o owarasenakereba ikenai.
You need to finish your homework by noon.
Example #6

manabanakereba ikenai koto ga jitsu ni ookatta.
There had been so many things to learn.
Example #7

watashi wa jibun no kanjou o kakusanakereba ikenai.
I must mask my own feelings.
Example #8

mou hitotsu, kouryo shinakereba ikenai koto ga aru.
There's one more thing that needs to be taken into consideration.
Example #9

anata, kare ni anata no yume no koto o hanasanakereba ikemasen yo.
You must tell him about your dreams.

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