JLPT N4 Grammar (tokoro)


just about to; on the verge of doing something

How to use

Verb (casual, non-past)ところ
tokoro ところ ところ jlpt n4 grammar meaning 文法 例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: (tokoro). Meaning: just about to; on the verge of doing something.

tokoro ところ ところ jlpt n4 grammar meaning 文法 例文 learn japanese flashcards

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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

ima, dekakeru tokoro desu.
I am just about to leave.
Example #2

kore kara ryouri o tsukuru tokoro desu.
I am about to start cooking.
Example #3

ima kara ofuro ni hairu tokoro desu.
I am about to take a bath.
Example #4

mou sukoshi de shinjiru tokoro datta.
I was really close to believing it.
Example #5

「hirugohan wa mou tabe mashita ka.」
「iie, kore kara taberu tokoro desu.」
"Have you eaten luch already?"
"Nope, I'm about to eat from now."
Example #6

「shukudai shita no?」
「choudo ima kara suru tokoro desu yo.」
"Did you do your homework?"
"I'm about to start now."
Example #7

kore kara shokuji ni iku tokoro nan desu ga, issho ni iki mashou ka.
I am about to head out for dinner, would you like to join me?
Example #8

watashitachi wa mou sugu touchaku suru tokoro desu.
We are just about to arrive.
Example #9

「kaigi wa mou hajimari mashita ka.」
「iie, imakara hjimaru tokoro desu.」
"Has the meeting started already?"
"It is just about to start."

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