JLPT N3 Grammar (ta mono da)


used to do; would often do

How to use

Verb (た form)ものだ
ta mono da たものだ jlpt n3 grammar meaning 文法 例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: (ta mono da). Meaning: used to do; would often do~.

This is used to express a past situation or remember something that used to frequently occur.

ta mono da たものだ jlpt n3 grammar meaning 文法 例文 learn japanese flashcards

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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

kodomo no koro wa yoku kawa de asonda mono da.
When I was a child, I often played at the river.
Example #2

gakusei jidai wa mainichi toshokan e kayotta mono da.
When I was a student, I used to go to the library everyday.
Example #3

kodomo no toki wa, yoku tomodachi to tenisu o shita mono da.
When I was a child, I often played tennis with my friends.
Example #4

nihon e ryuugaku shita toki, sushi o yoku tabeta mono da.
When I studied abroad in Japan, I often ate sushi.
Example #5

kodomo no koro wa neru mae ni haha wa itsumo hon o yonde kureta mono da.
When I was a child, my mother would always read a book to me before going to sleep.
Example #6

koukousei no toki wa, yoku tomodachi to sakkaa o shita mono da.
During my high school days, I often played soccer with my friends.
Example #7

wakai koro wa geemu sentaa ni yoku itta mono da kedo, saikin wa ikanaku natta.
When I was young, I would often go to arcades, but lately I haven't gone..
Example #8

daigakusei no toki wa, yoku tomodachi to asa made karaoke o shita mono da.
When I was a university student, I often sang karaoke with my friends until morning.

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