JLPT N4 Grammar (tagaru)


wants to do ~ (third person)

How to use

Verb (たい form) たがる
tagaru たがる たがる jlpt n4 grammar meaning 文法 例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: (tagaru). Meaning: wants to do (3rd person).

(tagaru) is for third person use only. If you want to say that “you” personally want to do something, use instead.

(tagaru) stems from , which expresses that someone “appears to be ~”.

Example A) General Use

tomodachi ga ryuugaku shi tagaru.

My friend wants to study abroad (in general).

Example B) Current form

tomodachi ga ryuugaku shi tagatteiru.

My friend is wanting to study abroad.

tomodachi ga ryuugaku shi tagatta.

My friend wanted to study abroad.

Example D) Negative form

tomodachi ga ryuugaku shi tagaranai.

My friend does not want to study abroad.

tagaru たがる たがる jlpt n4 grammar meaning 文法 例文 learn japanese flashcards

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- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

sono ko ga ie ni kaeri tagatteiru.
That kid seems like he wants to go home.
Example #2

kimura-san ga, anata ni ai tagatte imashita yo.
Kimura-san wanted (wants) to see you.
Example #3

musume wa atarashii i-phone o kaitagatteimasu.
My daughter wants to buy the new i-phone.
Example #4

musuko ga juku ni iki tagaranai.
My son is reluctant to go to cram school.
Example #5

musuko wa anime o mitagatteimasu ga, shukudai ga owatteinai node, misasemasen.
My son wants to watch anime, but he hasn't finished his homework, so I won't let him watch it..
Example #6

kanojo wa shigoto o yametagatteimasu ga, tenshoku saki ga mitsukarazu, nakanaka yameru koto ga dekimasen.
She wants to quit her job, but is unable to find a new job so she can't quite do it yet.
Example #7

minnna hayaku kaeritagatteiru no ni, buchou no hanashi ga nagakute nakanaka kaeremasen.
Although everyone wants to head home early, the section manager talks for a long time and nobody can leave..
Example #8

musuko ga zenzen gakkou ni ikitagaranai ndesu ga, gakkou de nani ka atta no deshou ka.
My son doesn't want to go to school at all. I wonder if something happened there..

Vocabulary List

留学りゅうがくstudy abroad
いえhome; house
帰るかえるto return home
木村きむらkimura (family name)
会うあうto meet
じゅくcram school
行くいくto go

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