JLPT N5 Grammar (shikashi)

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shikashi しかし jlpt n5 grammar meaning 文法例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: (shikashi). Meaning: but; however ~.

This is often used to start a new sentence, but can be used mid sentence between 2 opposing ideas as well.

It is very similar to .

shikashi しかし jlpt n5 grammar meaning 文法例文 learn japanese flashcards

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- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

shikashi naze?
But why? (expressing disagreement)
Example #2

nihon wa daisuki desu. shikashi, nihon no natsu ga totemo atsui desu.
I love Japan. However, the summer is very hot!
Example #3

kyou no kurasu wa muzukashikatta desu. shikashi, tanoshikatta desu!
Today's class was difficult.. But, it was a lot of fun!
Example #4

shikashi mondai ga aru kamoshirenai.
However, there might be a problem.
Example #5

fuyu wa samui, shikashi watashi wa suki da.
Winter is cold, but I like it.
Example #6

shikashi, kare wa nihongo o hanasu koto mo kaku koto mo dekimasen.
However, he cannot speak or read Japanese.
Example #7

nihon ryouri wa mochiron oishii desu. shikashi, amerika ryouri no hou ga suki desu.
Japanese food is of course delicious. But I like American food more.
Example #8

anata wa tabun tadashii deshou. shikashi, watashi wa sukoshi chigatta iken o motteimasu.
You are probably correct. However, I have a slightly different opinion.

Vocabulary List

大好きだいすきlove; like; like very much
今日こんにちtoday; this day
今日きょうtoday; this day
美味しいおいしいdelicious; yummy
でしょうlikely, probably
少しすこしa little
持つもつto have; to hold

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