JLPT N1 Grammar (kurai nara)


rather than (do ...)​

How to use

Verb (dictionary form)くらいなら

Learn Japanese grammar: (kurai nara) & (gurai nara). Meaning: rather than (do …)​. It expresses that something is bad enough to the point that some other option is better.

Common Patterns With くらいなら (kurai nara)

Pattern A)

Verb[A] kurai nara ~[B]hou ga mashi da

I’d rather do [B] than [A].

Pattern B)

Verb[A] kurai nara ~[B]hou ga ii

I’d rather do [B] than [A].

JLPT grammar くらいなら (kurai nara)  - Learn Japanese
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Example #1

sonna koto wo suru kurai nara, shinda hou ga mashi da.
I'd rather die than do that.
Example #2

ie de yasumu kurai nara mushiro gaishutsu shitai.
I would rather go out than rest at home.
Example #3

yujin wo kizutsukeru kurai nara, jibun ga gaman shita hou gaii.
I'd rather deal with it myself than hurt my friend.
Example #4

tochuuhanpa ni yaru kurai nara, yaranai hou ga mashi da.
You may as well not do it at all rather than do it halfheartedly.
Example #5

kare to isshoni iku kurai nara ie ni ita hou ga mashi da.
I would rather stay at home than go with him.
Example #6

watashi wa maiasa hayaku okiru kurai nara shinda hou ga mashi da.
I would sooner die than get up early every morning.
Example #7

musuko ga byouki de kurushimu no wo miru kurai nara, jibun ga byouki ni natta hou ga ii.
I'd rather get sick myself than watch my son suffer.

Vocabulary List

ほうがましだthis (way) is better
死ぬしぬto die
友人ゆうじんgood friend
傷つけるきずつけるto hurt; inflict wound
我慢がまんendure; deal with

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