JLPT N2 Vocabulary


express; special delivery

JLPT N2 vocabulary list

Learn Japanese vocabulary: 【そくたつ】(sokutatsu)

Meaning: express; special delivery.

Type: Noun, Verb, Suru verb

Level: JLPT N2 Vocabulary

- Example Sentences

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Example #1

sore wo sokutatsu de okutta.
I sent it by express mail.
Example #2

sokutatsu de tegami wo okutte kudasai.
Please send the letter by express mail.
Example #3

kore wo sokutatsu de dashite kudasai.
Send this by special delivery.
Example #4

watashitachi wa sorera wo sokutatsu de okutte morau hitsuyou ga nai.
We do not need that to be sent express.
Example #5

sokutatsu de okuru to dore kurai ryoukin ga kakarimasuka?
How much does it cost to send by express?