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convention; rally; conference; tournament;

JLPT N3 vocabulary list

Learn Japanese vocabulary: 【たいかい】(taikai)

Meaning: convention; rally; conference; tournament.

Type: Noun

Level: JLPT N3 Vocabulary

- Example Sentences

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Example #1

watashi wa marason taikai ni deru tsumori desu.
I plan to enter in the marathon.
Example #2

Ureshii koto ni, supiichi taikai no daihyou ni erabareta.
I was chosen to be a representative in the speech contest!
Example #3

watashi wa musuko no undou taikai wo mi ni ikimasu.
I will go to see my son's sports festival.
Example #4

kare wa zenkoku taikai de nyuushou shita.
He won a prize in the national tournament.
Example #5

Hanabi taikai wa tenki shidai de chuushi ni naru baai mo arimasu.
There's a chance the fireworks festival may be cancelled dependent on the weather.

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