JLPT N3 Vocabulary


much more; still more; all the more; single layer; sooner; preferably​

JLPT N3 vocabulary list

Learn Japanese vocabulary: 【いっそう】(issou)

Meaning: much more; still more; all the more; single layer; sooner; preferably​.

Type: Noun, Adverb

Level: JLPT N3 Vocabulary


- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese furigana reading, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

asa yori issou ame ga hageshiku natte kita.
The rain has become even more intense than in the morning.
Example #2

Kanojo wa kore de issou yuumei ni natta.
She became more famous with that.
Example #3

kongo wa issou doryoku shimasu.
I will try harder in the future.
Example #4

Yuumoa ga aru no kare no koto ga issou sukida.
I like him more because of his humor.
Example #5

ano fuku wo kiru to kanojo wa issou mibae ga suru
That dress sets her figure off to better advantage.

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