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Meaning of 難

difficult, trouble, accident




かた(い)、むずか(しい)、 にく(い)
kata(i), muzuka(shii), niku(i)

Learn Japanese kanji: 【 ナン / かた(い)、むずか(しい)、 にく(い) 】.

Meaning: difficult, trouble, accident.

330 of 2,500 most used kanji in newspapers.

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How to write 難 - stroke order:

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Stroke Count: 18

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Example #1

kare wa konnan kara nigeru.
He runs away from difficulties.
Example #2

sono shitsumon wa muzukashii desu.
That is a difficult question.
Example #3

watashi ni totte suugaku wa totemo muzukashii.
Mathematics is very difficult for me.
Example #4

mou hitotsu nanten ga koko ni arawarete kuru.
Another difficulty appears here.
Example #5

karera wa nanmin tachi ni shokumotsu to irui o kyoukyuu shita.
They supplied refugees with food and clothing.

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