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Meaning of 速

quick, fast





Learn Japanese kanji: 【 ソク / はや(い) 】

Meaning: quick, fast.

576 of 2,500 most used kanji in newspapers.

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How to write 速 - stroke order:

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Stroke Count: 10

- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese kana reading, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

hashiru no ga hayai no wa dare?
Who runs fast?
Example #2

kanojo wa kurasu no naka de ichiban ashi ga hayai.
She is the fastest one in our class.
Example #3

sukoshi sokudo wo otoshita hou ga ii.
You should lower the speed a bit.
Example #4

ashita wa kousoku basu de kaerimasu.
I'll come back tomorrow by the express bus.
Example #5

koori wa hayai sokudo de tokehajimeta.
The ice began to melt at a rapid rate.
Example #6

amerika de wa, doko he ittemo rippana douro to kousoku douro ga aru.
There are great roads and freeways wherever you go in America.
Example #7

kare wa kuruma wo kasoku shi, watashi ni oitsuita.
He accelerated his car and overtook me.
Example #8

sousha wa zensokuryoku de hashiri dashita.
The runner started off at full speed.
Example #9

sokutatsu de okuru to dore kurai ryoukin ga kakarimasuka?
How much does it cost to send by express?
Example #10

kare wa jisoku 100 kiro ni kasoku shita.
He accelerated to 100 kph.

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