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Meaning of 後

behind, back, later


ゴ、 コウ
go, kou


のち、 うし(ろ)、 あと
nochi, ushi(ro), ato

Learn Japanese kanji: 【 ゴ、 コウ / のち、 うしろ、 あと、 おくれる 】

Meaning: behind, back, later.

26 of 2,500 most used kanji in newspapers.

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How to write 後 - stroke order:

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Stroke Count: 9

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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

ato de denwa shimasu.
I'll give you a call later.
Example #2

kinyoubi no gogo ni aimashou.
Let's meet Friday morning.
Example #3

teeburu no ushiro ni neko ga imasu.
There's a cat behind the table.
Example #4

saigo made ganbatte!
Do your best until the end!
Example #5

anata no ushiro no doa o shimete kudasai.
Please close the door behind you.
Example #6

anata wa ato dorekurai de shigoto ga owarimasu ka?
How much longer until you finish work?
Example #7

kyou no gogo, nani o suru tsumori desu ka?
What do you plan on doing this afternoon?

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