JLPT N1 Grammar (an no jou)


just as one thought; as usual; sure enough

Learn Japanese grammar: 【あんのじょう】(an no jou). Meaning: just as one thought; as usual; sure enough; as expected.

JLPT grammar 案の定 (an no jou)  - Learn Japanese
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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

an no jou kakke ga yokunai da.
As might be expected, the results are poor.
Example #2

an no jou, kare wa daiichii ni natta.
As was to be expected, he took first place.
Example #3

ano teibou wa, an no jou konkai no taifuu de kekkai shite shimatta.
Just as we thought, that embankment collapsed because of the typhoon.
Example #4

kyuukou wa an no jou konde ite seki ga nakatta.
Just as I had feared, the express train was very crowded and I couldn't get a seat.
Example #5

an no jou, repooto no teishutsu no shimekiri ni ma ni awanakatta.
Sure enough, I missed the deadline for submitting the report.
Example #6

ano futari wa kenka bakari shite ite, an no jou rikon shita.
Those two were arguing all the time and as expected, they got divorced.
Example #7

わたしのけついをかぞくにつげると, あんのじょうみなさんがびっくりした。
watashi no ketsui o kazoku ni tsugeru to, an no jou minasan ga bikkuri shita.
When I told my family about my determination, as expected everyone was surprised.

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