JLPT N2 Grammar (ichiou)


more or less; though not quite satisfactorily; not perfectly; sort of; tentatively

How to use

Used mid sentence or to start new sentence.

Learn Japanese grammar: 【いちおう】(ichiou). Meaning: more or less; though not quite satisfactorily; not perfectly; sort of; tentatively.

It is often used to sound more humble or express that you may be able to do something, but perhaps not perfectly well.

JLPT grammar 一応 (ichiou)  - Learn Japanese
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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

ichiou yarimashita.
I did it (but it may still need some work).
Example #2

ichiou yatte miru.
I will give it a shot.
Example #3

ichiou, tsukiatteiru hito ga iru.
I am sort of seeing someone..
Example #4

kare wa mou neta kamoshirenai kedo, ichiou denwa shite miyou kana.
He may already be asleep, but I guess I should try to give him a call..
Example #5

ichiou, ashita made ni henji wo kureru.
Can you at least give me an answer by tomorrow?
Example #6

ichiou, renraku saki o oshiete kureru?
Can you give me your contact information just in case?

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