JLPT N1 Grammar (o motte / o mochimashite)


by means of; with; on / at / as of (time)​

How to use


Learn Japanese grammar: (o motte / o mochimashite). Meaning: by means of; with; on / at / as of (time)​.

There are 2 main meanings:

  1. by means of; with ~
  2. at the time; on (a date); at (a time); as of (e.g. today)​

Meaning 1 – by means of; with (手段/方法)

This meaning is used when the noun is a sort of means, way, method, etc..

doryoku o motte

With hard work ~

This meaning can only use 「をもって」、「をもってしても」(even with/by)

See example sentences 1 ~ 4.

Meaning 2 – at the time (期限)

This meaning is used when the noun is some sort of time period. It represents the end time / deadline.

honjitsu o motte

As of today ~

It is mostly used to represent the end of something, but may also be used to indicate the start of something.

This meaning can use both 「をもって」&「をもちまして」(more formal).

See example sentences 5 ~ 9.

JLPT grammar をもって / をもちまして (o motte / o mochimashite)  - Learn Japanese
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- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

kanojo no jitsuryoku o motte sureba, seikou suru darou.
With her abilities, she will likely succeed.
Example #2

saishin gijutsu o motte sureba sono kaihatsu mo muzukashikunai darou.
With the latest technology, its development will not be difficult.
Example #3

ano sensei wa watashi ga nani o tazunetemo, itsumo seii o motte kotaete kureru.
That teacher always answers in good faith no matter what I ask.
Example #4

ima no iryou gijutsu o motte shite mo naosenai byouki mo ooi.
There are many diseases that cannot be cured even with the current medical technology.
Example #5

honjitsu o motte, seeru wa shuuryou to narimasu.
The sale ends today.
Example #6

18 ji o motte taimuseeru wa shuuryou shimasu.
The time-sale will end at 6pm.
Example #7

san gatsu sanjuuichi nichi o mochimashite, taishoku itashimashita.
I resigned from my job on March 31st.
Example #8

kyou o mochimashite heiten sasete itadakimasu.
We will close the store from today.
Example #9

kon shiizun o mochimashite, intai suru koto ni kimemashita.
As of this season, I decided to retire.

Vocabulary List

期限きげんtime period
努力どりょくhard work
尋ねるたずねるto ask; inquire
最新技術さいしんぎじゅつlatest technology

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