JLPT N3 Grammar (you to suru)


try to; be about to

How to use

Verb (volitional form)

Learn Japanese grammar: (you to suru). Meaning: try to; be about to.

This is used to express that one was just about to do something.

It must be used in combination with a verb’s volitional form.
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JLPT grammar ようとする (you to suru)  - Learn Japanese
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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

ofuro ni hairou to shitara, denwa ga kakatte kita.
Just as I was about to take a bath, the phone rang.
Example #2

densha ni norou toshita toki ni doa ga shimatte norenakatta.
As I was about to get on the train, the doors suddenly shut and I wasn't able to get on..
Example #3

watashi wa go ji han ni kaerou to shitara, joushi ni yobarete shimai mashita.
I was ready to head home at 5:30, but was suddenly called in by my boss.
Example #4

takushii wo oriyou to shita toki, saifu ga nai koto ni ki ga tsuita.
Just as I was getting out of the taxi I noticed my wallet was missing.
Example #5

geemu wo shiyou to shitara, oya ga kaette kite, kekkyoku dekinakata.
Just as I was about to play a game, my parents arrived home and I wasn't able to play anymore.
Example #6

obaasan ga michi wo watarou to shiteita kara, tetsudatte ageta.
The old lady was just about to cross the street and so I helped her out.
Example #7

shawaa wo abiyou toshita ga, mizu ga denakatta.
I was about to take a shower, but no water would come out.

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