JLPT N2 Grammar (you dewa nai ka)


let’s do (something); why don’t we

How to use

Verb (volitional form)ではないか

Learn Japanese grammar: (you dewa nai ka) & (janai ka). Meaning: let’s do (something); why don’t we.

It must be used in combination with a verb’s volitional form.
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JLPT grammar ようではないか (you dewa nai ka)  - Learn Japanese
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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

komatta toki wa otagai ni tasukeatte ikou dewa arimasen ka.
Let's help each other when we are in trouble.
Example #2

nihongo o mi ni tsukeru tame ni ganbarou dewa nai ka.
Let’s do our best to master Japanese.
Example #3

kyou wa oiwai da. minna de nomou dewa nai ka.
Today is a for celebration! Why don't we all go out for drinks together?
Example #4

dare mo yaranai nara, boku ga yatte miyou janai ka.
If no one is going to do it, why don't I give it a try?
Example #5

kono mondai ni tsuite wa, motto hanashiaou dewa nai ka.
Regarding this problem, why don't we discuss it a bit more?
Example #6

kono machi o ninki ni naru houhou ni tsuite, issho ni kangaeyou dewa arimasen ka.
Why don't we brainstorm together about how to get more popular in this town?
Example #7

minna de chikara o awasete, kono shima no shizen o mamotte ikou dewa nai ka.
Let's work together to help protect the nature on this island!

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