JLPT N1 Grammar (mono o)


if only; I wish; I'm sorry it's not actually (regret)

How to use

Verb (casual)ものを
い-adjective + い

Learn Japanese grammar: (mono o). Meaning: if only; I wish; I’m sorry it’s not actually (regret).

This is used to describe a hypotheses / possibilities for what has already happened. It is often used when you have nuances such as dissatisfaction, regret, or disappointment and are dissatisfied with the outcome of the matter.

However, the complaint is often not said directly and implied from the context (example 7).

JLPT grammar ものを (mono o)  - Learn Japanese
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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

okane ga nai nara, itte kuretara yokatta mono o.
I wish you had told me you didn't have any money.
Example #2

chotto shirasete kuretara ii mono o.
I wish you had notified me.
Example #3

damatte ireba ii mono o, tsui yokei na koto o itte shimatta.
I ended up saying something unnecessary and regret not keeping my mouth shut.
Example #4

mou sukoshi ganbareba goukaku suru mono o, oshikattane.
If only you worked a little harder, you would've passed. You were really close.
Example #5

yareba dekiru mono o, nande yaranai no?
If only you tried you could do it, so why don't you?
Example #6

damatte ireba barenakatta mono o, doushite icchau kanaa?
If only they had kept their mouth shut, no one would have found out. I wonder why they talked about it?
Example #7

motto hayaku isha ni ikeba yokatta mono o (doushite ima made houtte oitan desu ka?)
If only you had gone to the doctor sooner... (why didn't you go all this time?)

Vocabulary List

黙るだまるto shut up
合格ごうかくto pass
惜しいおしいto be close

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