JLPT N5 Grammar (masen ka)


would you; do you want to; shall we ~

How to use

Verb (polite negative) + か
ません + か
masen ka ませんか jlpt n5 grammar meaning 文法例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: (masen ka). Meaning: would you; do you want to; shall we ~

  • This grammar is used to ask someone if they would like to do something:
    • would you~
    • do you want to~
    • shall we~

Example A)


iki masen ka.

Shall we go? / do you want to go? / etc..

masen ka ませんか jlpt n5 grammar meaning 文法例文 learn japanese flashcards

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- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

kyou isshoni tabemasen ka?
Do you want to eat together today?
Example #2

uchi de eiga o mimasen ka.
Do you want to watch a movie at my place?
Example #3

ocha ni shimasen ka?
Would you care for some tea?
Example #4

nichiyoubi ni tenisu o shimasen ka.
Do you want to play tennis on Sunday?
Example #5

ashita jitensha de gakkou e ikimasen ka?
Do you want to go to school tomorrow by bike?
Example #6

mou kuraku narimashita. ie e kaerimasen ka?
It's gotten dark already.. Shall we head home?
Example #7

shashin o totte kuremasen ka?
Would you mind taking a photo?
Example #8

watashi no shigoto o tetsu datte kuremasen ka.
Would you mind helping me with my work?

Vocabulary List

食べるたべるto eat
うちでat my place
映画を見るえいがをみるwatch a movie
家へ帰るいえへかえるto go home
写真を撮るしゃしんをとるto take a picture
仕事しごとwork; job
手伝うてつだうto help

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