JLPT N3 Grammar (ba yokatta)


should have; would have been better if ~

How to use

Verb (ば conditional form)よかった(のに)
ba yokatta ばよかった jlpt n3 grammar meaning 文法 例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: (ba yokatta). Meaning: should have; would have been better if ~.

You can add のに (no ni) at the end for more emphasis to become ばよかったのに (ba yokatta no ni).

This grammar must use a verb in .

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Example #1

sou sureba yokatta.
I should have done that.
Example #2

kasa o motte kureba yokatta.
I should have brought an umbrella.
Example #3

chikoku shite shimatta. motto hayaku ie o dereba yokatta.
I was late... I should have left home earlier.
Example #4

hayaku renraku shite kurereba yokatta noni.
You should have contacted me earlier.
Example #5

yuujin ni anna koto o iwanakereba yokatta.
I wish I hadn't said such a thing to my good friend.
Example #6

yuube no bangumi wa omoshirokatta. anata mo mireba yokatta noni.
The program last night was interesting. You should have watched it!
Example #7

konna koto o iwanakereba yokatta. ima wa koukai shite iru.
I wish I hadn't said this... I'm really regretting it now.
Example #8

atarashii pasokon o kawanaide, watashi no o tsukaeba yokatta noni.
You shouldn’t have bought a new computer and used mine instead.

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