JLPT N1 Grammar (ba sore made da / tara sore made da)

How to use

Verb (conditional) ば / たらそれまでだ

Learn Japanese grammar: (ba sore made da / tara sore made da). Meaning: if… then it’s over.

This is used when you want to say that everything is wasted if you do ~.

JLPT grammar ばそれまでだ / たらそれまでだ (ba sore made da / tara sore made da)  - Learn Japanese
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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

ikura okane o tame demo, shinde shimaeba sore made da.
Even if you make a lot of money, it's pointless if you die.
Example #2

donnani taihen demo akirametara sore made da.
No matter how hard it may be, once you give up, it's all over.
Example #3

ikura sankousho o katte mo, tsukawanakereba sore made da.
No matter how many reference books you buy, if you don't use them they are meaningless.
Example #4

isshoukenmei benkyou shite mo, shiken no hi ni kaze o hiitara sore made da.
Even if you study hard, if you catch a cold on the day of the exam, then it's over.
Example #5

haadodisuku ni shashin o hozon shite oite mo, haadodisuku ga kowarete shimaeba sore made da.
Even if you save your photos on a hard disk, they will all be gone if the hard disc breaks.
Example #6

shigoto mo daiji da ga, nani yori mo kenkou ga daiichi da. byouki ni natte shimattara sore made da.
Work is important, but health is the number one priority. Once you get sick, it's over.
Example #7

donna ni utsukushii hana demo, chitte shimaeba sore made da.
No matter how beautiful a flower may be, when they start to scatter it’s over.

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