JLPT N2 Grammar (bakari ni)


simply because, on account of (=>negative result)

How to use

Verb (casual)ばかりに
Noun (+ である)
なadjective + な/である

Learn Japanese grammar: (bakari ni).
Meaning: simply because, on account of.. Usually resulting in a negative result.​

This grammar is used to emphasize the reason why something bad happened.

Note that just this meaning does not apply to every single usage of ばかりに (bakari ni). It could be using one of the other meanings of ‘bakari’, but is usually clear based on the context of the sentence.

JLPT grammar ばかりに (bakari ni)  - Learn Japanese
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Example #1

I wasn't able to go on this trip since I don't have any money.
Example #2

keiken ga nai bakari ni kurou shita.
I suffered since I lacked any experience.
Example #3

kao ga niteita bakari ni hannin to machigawareta
I was mistaken as a criminal just because our faces are similar.
Example #4

Watashi ga chikoku wo shita bakari ni minani meiwaku wo kaketeshimatta.
I'm so sorry for any trouble I caused for everyone because I was late..
Example #5

Kare no hitokoto wo shinjita bakari ni hidoime ni atta.
I had a horrible experience all because I believed what he said.
Example #6

Gaikokujin dearu bakari ni, apaato sagashi niwa kurou shita.
I had a really hard time finding a new apartment just because I'm a foreigner..

Vocabulary List

今度こんどthis/next time
苦労くろうto work hard; suffer
似ているにているto be similar
遅刻ちこくlate; tardy
苦労くろうsuffer; struggle

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