JLPT N2 Grammar (wa tomokaku)


anyhow; anyway; regardless; in any case; whether or not ~

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wa tomokaku はともかく jlpt n2 grammar meaning 文法 例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: (wa tomokaku). Meaning: anyhow; anyway; regardless; in any case; whether or not ~.

wa tomokaku はともかく jlpt n2 grammar meaning 文法 例文 learn japanese flashcards

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- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

iku ka ikanai ka wa tomokaku, resutoran no yoyaku dake wa shite okou.
Whether or not we are going, let's at least make the restaurant reservation.
Example #2

kono mise no shinamono wa, shitsu wa tomokaku shurui wa ooi.
Regardless of the quality of the goods at this store, they have a lot of variety.
Example #3

okusan no ryouri wa mitame wa tomokaku aji wa oishii.
Regardless of weather it looks good or not, my wife's cooking tastes pretty good.
Example #4

kanji o yomu koto wa tomokaku, kaku koto wa nigate da.
I can't even write kanji, let alone read it.
Example #5

ano haiyuu wa, kao wa tomokaku toshite engi ga subarashii.
Whether or not he/she has a nice face, they are a great actor.
Example #6

tomokaku buji de yokatta.
In any case, I'm glad you're OK.
Example #7

nedan wa tomokaku, konban tomareru hoteru ga mitukatte yokatta.
Regardless of the price, I'm just glad I found a hotel to stay at tonight.
Example #8

kekkon aite wa, kao wa tomokaku, ryouri ga dekiru hito ga iinaa.
For a marriage partner, their face isn't so important to me, but I'd really like to have someone who can cook.

Vocabulary List

品物しなものgoods; product
奥さんおくさんwife (non-formal)
漢字かんじkanji (Chinese characters)
苦手にがてbad; poor
演技えんぎacting; performance
素晴らしいすばらしいfantastic; wonderful

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